3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Call You Back in The Over 50’s Dating Game


Here are 3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Call You Back in The Over 50’s Dating Game

Sometimes you have the best 1st date with a great guy.

You spend hours talking.

He gives you a hug or a kiss when you leave and says he’ll call you.

As you head home, you’re excited because you think he just might be the one.

Then the days start going by and he hasn’t called back to ask you out again.

Why does this happen?  I’m going to explain 3 Reasons for this in today’s blog.

Reason #1 . . . You might appear too needy in his eyes

Recently, I spoke with a friend who came to me because she was having the hardest time getting second dates.

After talking a bit, what I found was by the end of a 1st date, she always felt she could tell whether or not he was the one for her.

As she sat with him on the date, she’d fantasize about their life together.

She’d imagine what it would look like when they moved in together.

So stirred up by these mental images, she’d blurt out they should make plans for future Saturday night dates that might be fun to go to together.

She told me this was the point when men would start winding down the date.

What my friend was doing was planning a relationship that didn’t exist.

Her future planning came across as needy and desperate which sent up HUGE RED FLAGS to the men she was meeting.

When you start making his life your life before you’ve gotten to know someone, you’ll never get a second date.

It’s better to slow down and get to know someone first.

Also, allow him to pursue you then you know he’s really interested in you versus just being nice.

Reason #2  You had sex with him too quickly

Ok, you meet a man and the chemistry is hot.

Things are sizzling between the two of you.

The dates coming to an end and as he walks you to your car, your hormones are in overdrive.

The two of you start kissing.

You’re both excited and hands start roving all over the place.

Next thing you know you’re in the back seat of a car having sex.

You’re both on fire and it feels good and it feels so right.

Then he doesn’t call you again.

You’re devastated thinking the two of you had this amazing bond.

And you did momentarily.

The problem is the sex was too easy for him to get.

Men like to pursue you and they will push your boundaries to see how far they can get with you.

A man respects you when you stick to your boundaries.

It’s ok to have 1st Date sex.

Sometimes you just need it but understand that it rarely leads to a relationship.

Reason #3 … You’re Just NOT His Type

We all have an idea in our head of who we want to spend our lives with.

This is your type and its who you’re looking for when you scan men’s pictures on an online dating site.

You’re trying to see if a man fits the picture of this idea in your head.

Men do this too and that’s when they reach out to you.

After a couple of emails, he calls you and it goes really well.

He’s talking about the future by saying something like “we’ll have to try out the latest Japanese restaurant together in your area since you love sushi so much.”

What he’s doing is talking out loud to see how you might fit into their world.

Always take this type of talk with a grain of salt.

His picture is working overtime as the future talks thinking you might be the one.

It doesn’t mean you are.

But…you get excited thinking he might be right for you, too!

Then the two of you meet.

Within minutes he’s decided you aren’t a match to his picture so the second date doesn’t happen.

It’s not personal.

It’s just the pictures…the one in his head and the one you turn out to be don’t match.

You’re just NOT his type.

There are many reasons a man might not call you back.

Save yourself a lot of date analysis and evaluation by not taking the 1st date personally and by not being invested in its outcome.

I would love to hear how getting second dates is going for you.

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