The Shop

A short documentary a few friends and I decided to film of us woodworking in our high school's woodshop class, also known as The Shop. Song: Riptide by Vance Joy A film by Michael Fulton Extra tags: woodshop, high school, woodworking, san diego, film, michael fulton Likes: 3 Viewed: source

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CEO of Morgan Creek: “Bitcoin should be in everybody’s portfolio”

The Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko says Bitcoin should be in every investor’s portfolio in an interview with CNBC earlier this week. Yusko has said that he believes BTC investments will far outperform the S&P 500 investment fund over the next ten years. When he was asked about putting money into BTC,

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The Hall Way

My grandpa has been an incredibly inspiring person in my life. In this video, Alan talks about his amazing experiences as a Yankee and his passion for woodworking. I hope you all enjoy his story! Video By: Likes: 8 Viewed: source

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Claims that Former TRON CTO Was Sacked for Bribery & Theft Surface

Earlier this month, the Chief Techincal Officer of TRON, Lucien Chen announced his departure from the project. He had been with TRON since 2017 and laid out a three-point explanation as to why TRON just isn’t TRON anymore. Following the announcement by Chen, the TRON PR sprung into action and according to the

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“The Landscape Designer”

“The Landscape Designer” is a short film about the hand-drawn design process of San Diego based draftsman, Raymond Shaw. The film opens on the lush property where the artist lives and works, anchoring his home’s historic roots with an early black and white photograph of his homes original facade. While touring Shaw’s gardens and design

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Bitcoin [BTC]: Binance research hints at ‘disruption with trading pairs’ as BTC pairs lose 38.9% market share

The cryptocurrency market was attacked by the bear, causing most major coins to fall. Cardano [ADA] reported fall of 9.63% over 24 hours, followed by Stellar Lumens [XLM] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. Cardano [ADA]  Source: TradingView At press time, ADA was valued at $0.0764 with a market cap of $1.98 billion. The 24-hour

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