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AreYouPop Becomes Social … How A Competition Site Becomes Less Of A Jock

November 1, 2011 in new features

AreYouPop announces a better way to help you become famous and share your talent.

AreYouPop doesn’t just want to be a talent competition website, it wants to be social.

We have implemented bookmarking buttons into each of your AreYouPop pages.

Promote Your Talent or your Talent Findings

  • AreYouPop helps you become famous in your local town or city
  • Submit your YouTube video or image to our system and we will provide with tool for promoting your talent among your fans
  • Share and bookmark your artwork, talent video, dancing performance or modeling pic by sharing in other sites such as; facebook, twitter,  reddit, or digg

Sign Up Now and start promoting your talent

  1. Go to www.AreYouPop.com
  2. Login
  3. Upload your Talent Pic (modeling, fashion, dancing, singing)
  4. Start Competing and Be Discovered

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