Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: BTC and LTC ride the bull wave despite correction concerns

Tether, the top stablecoin, maintained its vice grip on the stablecoin market, while competing fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies are experiencing steady growth. USD Coin [USDC] and TrueUSD [TUSD], the other top stablecoins, have however surged in recent months, owing to the Bitfinex-Tether episode. According to a recent report by Diar, competing stablecoins have surged in

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Boxes For Bubbs

Ross Williamson is a woodworker living in Boulder, Colorado. Thor, his Rottweiler, was his best friend and constant companion for the last 7 years. He passed away in June of 2014 due to intestinal cancer. Boxes For Bubbs was made in memory of Thor and for all the people whose lives he touched. Learn more

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Bitcoin [BTC]: People’s fears about crypto are based on misunderstanding of underlying technology, claims Andreas Antonopoulos

Binance exchange, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, was reported to have problems with a couple of users since there was too much load on the exchange, especially with Web, PC, APP. CZ tweeted: Web, PC, APP are experiencing load issues. API users are fine. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) May

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Hand Surfacing – Prepping a long board

To prep boards by hand we need to choose an approach that's suitable for the specific job, and doing this requires us to understand the wood, the tools and the project in question. Despite the daunting amount of work, large projects can be surprisingly good practice when learning these skills because you can often get

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