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Teen Takes His Kitty Queen to Prom

November 26, 2019 in Cats

Cat people can be a little crazy when it comes to their feline companions. Most cat lovers own the fact and embrace it. Just like Sam Steingard when it comes to his family cat, Ruby.


The 10-year old cat has been his best buddy for years and when he had trouble finding a date for the prom, Ruby was an obvious choice to join him for an evening of sparkles and fun.


Sam and Ruby became a viral smash once this picture hit social media. How could it not? Ruby steals the show with her adoring look for Sam. Joann, Sam’s mom, earns credit for dressing the pair, choosing Sam’s tux and deciding on a “dress and sparkly collar” for Ruby, according to Sam’s sister, Caroline, in an interview with LoveMeow.

The photo garnered so much popularity, it became the inspiration for many a meme. Perhaps you remember this one?

Skip Morazi/Pinterest 

Or this one?


A Cat with Love for All

The family says Ruby is the nicest cat ever and has been close with Sam and his sister, Caroline, since all three of them were young. Caroline recalls, “When I was younger, she would walk with me to school and then when we arrived she would walk herself home and meet me there after school.”


The family found her behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant so choosing her name was simple. Ever since becoming part of the family Ruby offers lots of love and purrs whenever she is held. She spreads this affection around too. Neighbors get the sweet feline treatment when they meet her out and about.


But, Sam is her bestest buddy.

Caroline says, “She loves Sam because he likes to talk to her in a baby voice and he will give her treats once in a while.”


The Kids Are Grown but They Still Come Home for Visits

Both Sam and Caroline are off to college now, but the siblings come home to visit their furry sister often. Home on a summer break, Sam built Ruby “a little cat fort out of a cardboard box and an old tee shirt.” She loves Sam’s effort, “even though she has a $40 heated cat bed, she prefers the homemade fort,” claims Caroline.


The family’s love for Ruby is beyond evident. But it’s not every day a guy loves his cat so much, he takes her to prom. And, while the ladies at the dance were surely beautiful too, it’s supposed Ruby was the sparkling belle of the ball in Sam’s arms.

H/T: LoveMeow

Feature Image: @RubythePrettyKitty/Instagram

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Meme-Lord He May Be, Smudge the Cat Still Doesn’t Like ‘Vegetals’

November 26, 2019 in Cats

You’ve seen the “Woman Yelling at Cat” memes.

They’ve made you laugh time and again.

You’re thumbs have double-tapped a thousand different versions.

Now, meet the feline star inspiring humorous minds everywhere.


Smudge, or Smudge – Table Cat,  as he’s known on Instagram, is an adorable “chonk” of a cat who hates veggies, or as he refers to them “vegetals”.


This vexation with vegetables led to the “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme, which has earned Smudge a following of over one million fans on Instagram, plus worldwide recognition across the internet. His parents, Miranda and Zach, manage his website for him as Smudge is busy being a meme-lord.  At, fans can purchase merchandise emblazoned with the contemptuous face of legend.

He’s more than a funny face though. The handsome cat may looked confused and/or disillusioned with the world, but Miranda said in an interview with Bored Panda, “Smudge is a super shy, but very loving kitty once he gets to know you!”


Facts about His Lordship

Smudge is around 6 years old.

Smudge was adopted after his kitten days had passed. His exact age is unknown. Miranda said, “I didn’t get him as a kitten so I don’t know his exact age.” A full-grown cat he may be, but he still looks silly as a kitten.


Smudge is Canadian.

The famous cat and his family hail from Ottawa, Canada.

Smudge must have a seat the table.

His mom always makes sure he has a seat at the table. If not, Smudge will claim the first vacated seat. “If he doesn’t have a chair for some reason, he will jump onto someone else’s chair when they’re not there,” confessed Miranda.

Smudge detests more than just salad.

Once his parents discovered his ire at salad, they tested a range of foods. Turns out he hates more than vegetables. While he enjoys most meat offerings, Smudge doesn’t seem to care for chicken.


But, he does enjoy potatoes, or “taters” as he prefers to call them.



Nachos? No…not at all.


Smudge proves there ain’t nothing wrong with a picky palate, especially if it makes you famous!

Meme Lord

That hilarious face of confusion and contempt made him a star and it all started in a random way. On Twitter, MISSINGEGIRL posted images of Smudge and Taylor Armstrong from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, the caption reading “These photos together is making me lose it” and the journey began…

A firestorm of funny ensued.

Finding enormous popularity, the meme has been re-captioned over and over.  Everything from pop culture to career specialized funnies have graced the dual image. Truly, the joined images can be applied to almost any situation of disagreement. Here are a few of the most recent “Woman Yelling at Cat” memes.






Oh Smudge, you’re so relatable. And, completely lovable!

H/T: Bored Panda

Feature Image: @smudge_lord/Instagram

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Grey Tabby Kitten Seeks Laps and Snuggles…This Baby Can Have Anything He Wants

November 26, 2019 in Cats

Get ready, your heart is about to melt.




Are you mush?

Yep, so is every one else who sets on eyes on sweet baby Mustang Bartholomew. Such a big name for a little kitten, and with a heart as big as his, it fits. But Bartholomew almost didn’t have a chance to share his love with the world.

At six weeks old, Bartholomew was found crying and alone on a porch in Los Angeles, CA. Jamie Orozco heard the cries of a kitten and over a few days searched out the source. Jamie found the tiny kitten and knew help was needed.

Enter Wrenn Rescues and volunteer Ashley Kelley. In an interview with Love Meow, Ashley said, “Since I had four other kittens his age and he was alone, I offered to take him.”



As Bartholomew was so small, half the size he should have been at six weeks, he required a little time on his own before he could meet the other kittens. Once he did, the group became quite the happy band of mischief makers.


“Olivia, Ophelia, Opal and Oliver fully accepted Bartholomew as their new brother and he was already learning how to cat from them,” commented Ashley.   

And his disposition? “He’s the sweetest little guy I have ever met, and he is very cuddly.”



So, he’s as sweet as he is achingly adorable.

Little Lap Cat is Preparing for his Forever Home

Bartholomew can’t help himself, he’s a snugly tabby by nature. Besides curling up with his brothers and sisters, he will claim an empty lap in a hurry. In fact, when Bartholomew and his kitten siblings moved in with Jen Marder, he was the first of the fuzzy babies to climb in her lap.


Oh, and here’s a picture of Bartholomew’s jellybean toes, just in case your heart hasn’t completely melted…


Jen is also a volunteer with Wrenn Rescues and took up care of the five as they had grown from infants to curious kittens ready to discover the world around them. Her goal is to ready them for their forever homes.




Her most recent posts on Instagram shows Bartholomew thriving and getting closer to adoption every day. Food, play, and lap time have him growing into quite the handsome grey tiger.




Of Bartholomew, Jen told LoveMeow, “He always has to be part of the action. He loves to jump up onto my back and likes being loved and being close. Probably the funniest thing he does is growl at his food and his toys while he has them in his mouth.”

If cuteness hasn’t killed you yet, watch this…

Baby Bartholomew survived rough beginnings and thanks to kindhearted rescuers, his story has many chapters yet to go.

H/T: Love Meow
Feature Image: @bruceandfoxfosters/Instagram

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Great News for Those with Cat Allergies, “HypoCat” Vaccine Could Quiet Your Sneezing

November 25, 2019 in Cats

Do you love cats, but petting or cuddling them makes you sneezy? Your eyes get itchy? Maybe the throat gets scratchy and your heart breaks because you just want to hug allover felines.

Well, your feline allergy woes may be near an end.

An Injection Could Change Everything

One in ten people suffer from cat allergies and that’s one in ten too many. Soon, a simple vaccination could bring the suffering to an end. Ten years in the making, “HypoCat” is administered not to humans, but to cats.

So, how does it work?

People with cat allergies are allergic to a protein called Fel-d1. Found in the fur of cats, the protein binds with cat dander, which is a fancy word for dry skin cells that slough off and fly through the hair to make the nose itchy.

Once in the body of the allergy sufferer, the immune system thinks of the protein as an invader. A histamine response is then triggered. Enter the sneezing, watery eyes, and general displeasure of an allergy attack.

An injection of “HypoCat” works by telling a cat’s immune system to locate the Fel-d1 within its body and then destroy the protein. A study of “HypoCat” and its effects proved Fel-d1 production was dramatically reduced in cats given the vaccine. Findings are published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. LADBible reports, “Of 54 cats tested at University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland, all saw an increase in the defensive cells required to destroy the protein”.

If results continue on this track, “HypoCat” could be available in three years’ time.

Try these Tips to Keep Allergies Calm

In the meantime, here are some tricks you can try to teach your immune system to calm down around kitties. According to PetMD, the majority of people exposed to allergens from a cat will build up a tolerance over time. Adopting a kitten might be a good way to start as kittens produce a smaller amount of dander than a full-grown cat. Whether a kitten or an adult cat, try these tips from PetMD to unstuff your sniffer.

  • Put your kitty on a bathing schedule, but be sure this is only done once a month or even every month and a half. Cats produce natural oils and deodorants and bathing them with shampoo and water can be detrimental if done too often. If you try this approach…good luck! Most cats don’t care for bathing, but maybe your feline is the rare water cat.

  • In addition to regular baths, giving your cat a good brushing will also reduce the level of dander flying off your furry one. Plus, its really cute to watch a cat make a fool of themselves over a brush. It just feels so good!


  • Keep your house as free of dust as possible. The more you vacuum, sweep, and wipe down surfaces, the better chance you have at reducing your sneeze fits. Cat dander loves to float, settling down everywhere it gets a chance. Then, once stirred, you breathe it in and here come the watery eyes.

  • Invest in an air purifier. Purifiers can help filter the dander out of the air, along with other toxins which could be exacerbating to allergies.

Keeping Families Together Thanks to Science

Loving cats but suffering from an allergy to felines can be devastating. Discovery of allergies often leads to cats being given over to shelters, but an innovation like “HypoCat” can keep families from being torn apart. With the aid of science, more of the population can now become crazy cat folks! That’s exciting news.

H/T: LAD Bible

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Tabby Kitten Goes for Accidental 20-Mile Joyride

November 25, 2019 in Cats

Sometimes cats are too curious for their own good. Milo the kitten learned this the hard way when he became an accidental stowaway beneath his mom’s car.


Jessica Mosher, Milo’s mom, had discovered the tabby kitten missing before going to work one morning and she posted to Facebook, asking for help in locating him.

Joy Buckley Bylsma/Facebook

Worried but out of time, Jessica and her daughter loaded up for the long drive to daycare and work.

The family resides is Payson, UT, but Jessica makes a daily drive to Orem for work. The drive is 22 miles via I-15 and clocks at an average of 25 minutes.  Unbeknownst to Jessica, Milo was under her car.

“Apparently he climbed up underneath my car, drove with me to Spanish Fork to drop my daughter off at daycare, drove with me to Orem at my work, stayed under my car the whole time,” she told Fox13.


The map illustrates where Milo’s adventure began in Payson.


Next, Jessica made the daycare drop off with Milo still under the car.


Then, the pair arrived at work.

But, Milo’s adventure didn’t end there.

One Car to Another for the Next Leg of Journey

Milo ventured out from beneath Jessica’s car and took up hiding beneath a different one.

The car belonged to Jessica’s worker, Joy Bylsma. Neither of the ladies had any clue about the tabby kitten. So, like any other normal afternoon, Joy hopped in her car after work and drove to her second job. Which, lucky for Milo, was at The Corner Bakery Café also located in Orem, UT.

Her shift over around 11 p.m., Joy headed out to car to go home and got a surprise.

“This little kitten comes out from underneath my car,” reported Joy.


Not knowing what else to do, Joy took the kitten home and turned to Facebook for help. “This sweet, obviously well-loved, collar-with-a bell-wearing kitten seemed so out of place!” wrote Joy in an update on Facebook.

As Fate would have it, Jessica had also posted on Facebook with a plea for her missing kitten.


“Everyone else is like, ‘It’s just a cat, it’s not a big deal,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s my baby,” said Jessica.


When Joy saw the pictures of Jessica’s fur baby, she knew whose kitten she’d found.

Joy Buckley Bylsma/Facebook

Near midnight, Joy texted the unbelievable news to Jessica.

Within minutes, her phone rang, a disbelieving Jessica on the other end. “She calls me hysterical,” Joy recalled, “Like, ‘You’re lying, you don’t have my kitten. How would you have my kitten?’”

Together, they pieced together the mystery of Milo’s journey.

Jessica and Milo were happily reunited and Milo’s tale of adventure teaches cat lovers a lesson never to be forgotten… Cats are stealthy survivors by nature and can turn up where least expected.

H/T and Feature image: Fox13 Salt Lake City

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10 Things to Know About Himalayan Cats

November 25, 2019 in Cats

Can’t choose between a Persian and a Siamese? The Himalayan is the best of both worlds, combining the cuddliness of a Persian with the purrfect colorpoints of the Siamese!

1. The birth of the Himalayan breed

The Himalayan is the colorpoint version of the precious Persian. Created by crossing the Persian with the slinky Siamese, then breeding the offspring, the first Himalayan hit the cat world in 1931. Recognized in 1955 under the moniker Colorpoint Longhair, the Himalayan underwent a name change by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1957 giving him the haute title Himalayan, or Himmie. (Cute nickname, don’t you think?)

2. The voice

Less vocal than the Siamese but more vocal than the Persian, the Himalayan falls squarely between the two, sharing his opinions with his people in a melodious voice. But he does most of his “talking” with his expressive eyes.

Himalayan Cats

3. Ol’ Blue Eyes

Speaking of eyes: All Himalayans have intense blue peepers. And there’s a reason for that. Eye color is genetically linked to coat color; kitties who sport light fur and pointed markings a la the Himalayan are born to be blue eyed.

4. So many colors

Though frequently seen in cream, the Himalayan comes in a wide variety of hues ranging from lilac, tortoiseshell and seal to chocolate, flame and blue. To add to that coat of many colors is an assortment of patterns and points that give him a one-of-a-kind feel!

Himalayan Cats

5. It’s all about appearance

Dubbed “dollface” by many due to his saccharine looks, the Himalayan lives up to his appearance with a sweet-as-pie personality that will strike a chord with cat lovers across the board. Known for being charming and people-oriented like the Persian, with a splash of sass courtesy of that Siamese ancestry, the Himmie lives for laptime but is never one to pass up the opportunity to supervise you while you’re going about your daily grind.

Fun Fact
One of the most famous cats in film is none other than Mr. Jinx, the Himalayan who starred in the Ben Stiller/Robert De Niro must-see Meet the Parents.

6. Me and my shadow

The Himalayan rarely misses the chance to hang out with his peeps. He’ll follow his faves from here to there, often with a favorite toy in tow, watching his human’s movements and mewing his approval (or disapproval).

7. Leisure time

On a scale of 1 to 10, the intelligent Himalayan ranks in the mid-range. He’s not a fan of jumping or climbing, so you won’t find him counter surfing, but he does love a good catnip plush or feather teaser. And if you want to provide him with a luxe perch for reposing, he definitely won’t complain!

Himalayan Cats

8. What’s in a name?

The Himalayan’s name originates from the Himalayan rabbit — a cuddly creature who shares the same colorpoints as the feline Himalayan.

9. Body talk

The Himalayan may look like a ball of fluff, but underneath all of that soft, flowy fur is a stocky body that is solid to the touch, giving him an imposing presence that only makes him look more debonair and regal.

10. Happy at home

The Himalayan is a highly adaptable breed. That said, he isn’t a party animal, preferring a serene, quiet home. He does well with older children and adults, and he isn’t opposed to sharing a cuddle with younger children who treat him gently — or invite him to a tea party. That’s right, a tea party. Circling back to that doll-like persona, Himmies rarely refuse a good tea party or stroll in a baby carriage. In other words, they like being treated like a baby — so be ready to comply!

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Is Your Cat Nursing on Herself, Blankets or Other Objects? Should You Worry?

November 25, 2019 in Cats

I adopted my Cornish Rex, Carson, when he was about 4 months old. He was a sweet, affectionate kitten, with an unusual behavior. He would suck on his chest and stomach, most often in situations where it seemed he wanted to comfort himself. Caron, particularly did this, when he was adjusting to his new home. When I asked my vet about the behavior, he said that it was likely caused by Carson being weaned too early. He advised me to keep an eye on the behavior to ensure Carson wasn’t making himself bleed or severely irritating his skin. In my case, the most damage my cat ever caused was to make the fur on his chest and stomach pretty damp. So, what’s up with cat nursing behaviors and when should you worry? Let’s take a look:

Wool sucking

A cat sucking on a blanket.

Wool sucking in cats is a common self-soothing behavior. Photography ©ElenaBoronina | Thinkstock.

The name most commonly used to describe this cat nursing behavior is “wool sucking,” as the kittens who engage in this activity may suck on items such as sweaters and blankets (hence the “wool” in the name) as well as shoelaces, ribbons and other fabric-like items including carpet. The kitten might also suck on himself (as in Carson’s case) or another animal’s tail. Wool sucking typically indicates that a kitten was separated from his mother too early, explains Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant and author of Naughty No More!

“But there are other reasons for the behavior,” she says. “Separation anxiety and stress can also trigger cats to wool suck and nurse. Stressors include sudden changes, new pets and neighborhood cats.” Other events like too many pets in the home or the sudden absence of a family member (such as through divorce or a young adult moving out of the home) can also trigger the behavior.

Don’t worry: As my veterinarian mentioned with Carson, a cat nursing himself typically does not cause himself any harm. Krieger says that most kittens outgrow the behavior as they mature.

“Most kittens will gradually stop nursing after they are introduced to solid food,” she explains. “Kittens should remain with their moms until they are 12 weeks old. Some will continue to try to nurse on their mum but will eventually grow out of it.”

Be concerned: Wool sucking, however, can become more serious if the kitten or cat prefers to suck on fabric items. “There is the danger of chewing and ingesting the material, possibly resulting in an intestinal blockage,” Krieger says. She also cautions owners to be concerned if the behavior extends past the cat’s first year of life.

“It’s important to determine the reasons behind the self-comforting behavior,” she explains. “Owners should first have the cat evaluated by a veterinarian. Although substituting something that is safer for the cat to suck can help, it’s important to identify and deal with the source of the stress. In addition to identifying and dealing with the triggers, people can help through enriching the [cat’s] environment.” Krieger cautions against trying to force a cat to stop wool sucking. “It creates more anxiety and stress for the cat,” she says.


Another behavior associated with cat nursing is kneading. In our house, we call this activity “the kitty dance,” as it looks like the cat is practicing a feline tango routine. Jack, my 9-year-old red tabby, is the most frequent “dancer” in our household and often performs this activity on a soft pillow on our couch just before curling up for a nap.

Krieger explains that cat kneading often accompanies wool sucking and cat nursing and is another self-comforting behavior. For example, kittens knead when they are nursing to help stimulate their mother’s milk production.

“Feral cousins of our household kittens often knead to make a soft place amongst the vegetation for napping,” Krieger adds. “One theory states that kneading is also one of the ways that cats might mark their territories. They have scent glands on the bottom of their paws. When they knead, they are activating these glands and leaving their scent.”

Don’t worry: Kneading generally is recognized as a way cats express their happiness, and many cats will continue to knead throughout their lives (as Jack likes to demonstrate on almost a daily basis). In fact, cats almost always purr when they knead and may even involve all four paws in the rhythmic up-and-down activity.

Be concerned (but only for yourself!): Many cats associate their owners’ laps with happiness and may begin to knead while relaxing with their humans. The happier your cat becomes with this situation, however, the more intense the kneading may become, and if your cat involves his claws in the activity, it could become a bit painful for you!

Tell us: What strange cat nursing behaviors does your kitty have?

Thumbnail: Photography ©Silvia Jansen | Alamy Stock Photo.

This piece was originally published in 2017.

About the author

A lifelong cat owner, Stacy N. Hackett writes frequently about cats, cat breeds and a range of pet-related topics. The inspiration for her writing comes from her four cats — Jack, Phillip, Katie and Leroy. And her Cocker Spaniel/Labrador Retriever mix, Maggie.

Editor’s note: Have you seen the new Catster print magazine in stores? Or in the waiting area of your vet’s office? Click here to subscribe to Catster and get the bimonthly magazine delivered to your home. 

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Kitten Finds Warm Lap and Won’t Let Go After Being Rescued from Street Life

November 25, 2019 in Cats

A kitten who was rescued from the outdoor life, found a warm lap to nap on. He was so happy that he purred himself to sleep.

Lisa Krakosky

Milk Dud aka Dudley was rescued during a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project earlier this month. The hungry little kitten walked right into a humane trap for food. It was then he bid farewell to life on the streets.

Dudley was estimated to be around two months old at a TNR clinic. He was disheveled and just skin and bones, weighing less than two pounds. Lisa Krakosky, a foster volunteer of Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (in Orlando, Florida), learned about his plight and stepped up to help.

She took him in with open arms. The kitten was all cleaned up, got a full belly and a comfortable bed to nestle in. It didn’t take long for him to adjust to indoor life.

He switched on his purr motor, blissfully kneading on his warm bed while getting petted.

Lisa Krakosky

Over the next few days, the kitten continued to blossom. “This little guy has become my shadow. If I sit down, he instantly crawls into my lap. If I’m walking around, he follows me rubbing against my legs and plopping down on my feet,” Lisa said.

Dudley has become a full-fledged lap-cat and a full-time cuddle-bug. He makes sure Lisa’s lap is never empty when she sits down. Wherever she is, he is right there with her like her most loyal companion.

Lisa Krakosky

“Dudley is a young kitten with an old soul. He doesn’t like to play much but he is the king of cuddles,” Lisa wrote. “I’m confident this little dude would sit in your lap all day if you let him.”

The sweet kitty loves nothing more than being with his humans. “Last night, he watched a Christmas movie in bed with me and just snuggled against my chest the entire time making biscuits.”

(Scroll down for video)

Lisa Krakosky

The tuxedo thrives as the center of attention in the house. “Dudley would do best adopted into a home either by himself as the only pet or with other calm pets,” Lisa said.

“His ideal home would be an adopter that works from home or a home where people have alternating work shifts. Dudley craves attention and will require copious amounts of cuddles.”

Lisa Krakosky

No more worries about food and shelter…

Dudley the purr machine can’t wait to find a place to call his very own.

Lisa Krakosky

Dudley will be available for adoption through Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, click here for more info. Follow the Lisa’s foster kitties on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch this cute video and hear his purrs:

Kitten from street life to warm lap

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Cats Freak Out When Their Parents Use Cat-Face Filters

November 25, 2019 in Cats

Oftentimes, we wonder if cats actually know what they look like and if they recognize themselves in the mirror. Luckily, a new viral video might finally prove that they do! On the popular app called TikTok, there is a new filter that turns your face into a rather creepy-looking cat. While this filter might be amusing to us, cats just don’t seem to have the same reaction. A hilarious video was recently posted showing multiple cats reacting to this new filter, and most of them are not happy about it!

Humans use filters all the time to take photos, but we don’t usually ask for our cats’ opinions on the matter. However, cats definitely have something to say about this new trend, so maybe we should start taking their advice more often.

For the filter to work, the person needs to be clearly facing the camera. So, imagine being a cat and seeing your mom or dad’s face suddenly morph into a cat-like image when they look at a screen! That’s something straight out of a horror movie for a poor cat.

Image: Screenshot, People’s Daily YouTube

A Compilation of Confused Cats

The video that’s been shared is only 53 seconds long, and it showcases the hilarious reactions of 5 different cats. The video is captioned “when cats meet cat filters…” and it could not be more accurate. Each cat responds to the situation in their own way, but it is apparent that none of them are happy about it.

Once the cats see their parent as a cat, they become aware of it right away. Sometimes their eyes widen, some of them sit completely still, and some even run away. For a few of the cats, they need to do a double take. They look at the screen, then at their human to confirm that they have not really turned into a cat.

Image: Screenshot, People’s Daily YouTube

Ever since this video gained popularity, more and more cat parents have been sharing their cats’ reactions online. There are so many cats with shocked expressions, and it is clear that all cats are in agreement that this filter is scary! And honestly, they’re not wrong.

Cats really are smarter than people often give them credit for. Sure, they might not pose for a selfie all the time, but this video proves that they can see themselves and their humans on the screen. Hopefully these poor cats weren’t too scared at the sight of this odd new filter, but maybe they’ll look back on it and have a good laugh like we have.

Featured Image: Screenshots, People’s Daily YouTube

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Kitten Walks Up to Man, Insists On Being Cuddled, She Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

November 24, 2019 in Cats

A kitten walked up to a man at an adoption event, asking for his attention. The guy didn’t stand a chance.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

On November 5th, a stray kitten was brought into Sparkle Cat Rescue in Burlington, North Caroline after she was found wandering outside a polling station.

“One of the candidates that was running for office, had seen her all day and decided to contact us to take her,” Stephanie Grantham, Co-Founder/Executive Director of Sparkle Cat Rescue, told Love Meow.

She was covered in fleas and ear mites and was very hungry. No one recognized her or knew where she came from, so the person picked her up and brought her for a ride in his truck to the rescue.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

They named her Adeline, and she was just over two pounds and a bundle of love. After a quick look-around her new foster home, she rolled over on her back, demanding belly rubs.

No one knew how she ended up on the streets, but the kitten was so happy to be safe. She followed her foster mom Erin around the house and was the perfect little cuddle-bug.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Last weekend, sweet Adeline made her debut at an adoption event at Sparkle Cat Rescue.

Several people came to see her but she showed no interest. When they tried to hold her, she wanted no part of it as if she was waiting for the right family to come.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Stevie was at the adoption event to look for a new kitty when he saw Adeline by herself. The tuxedo noticed him and walked right up to him. He scooped her up, and the kitten slipped right in his arms.

Seeing how comfortable she was, Stevie carried her around while trying to meet other kitties. At one point, he had to put her down on the floor to interact with another cat, and Adeline was not happy.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“She was so upset and growled at anyone else that tried to pick her up,” Stephanie said.

Stevie heard her very sound complaints and swiftly came back to her. “He knew at that moment he had to take her. She was a cuddly baby with him but didn’t have it with anyone else there.”

Sparkle Cat Rescue

He cradled her in his arms and made her a permanent part of his family.

“Adeline absolutely picked her family,” Stephanie said. “She got to go home with her people and we are over the moon for her.”

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“She fell in love with her new dad and wouldn’t let him put her down – a perfect example of pets picking their people,” Erin, foster mom, said.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

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