Numbers, help needed to understand. Much appreciated : numerology

November 7, 2019 in Numerology

Every time I look at the clock I see the same numbers…. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. Like every daaaay! the same digits! They never change their positions either! Always in a circular fashion, its sooo weird!!! I’m seriously freaking out!! What does it mean?? Cause I’m getting scared now 🙁

There is this strange light in the sky too, it’s there everyday…and goes away at night at a set time everyday, then appears like clockwork a white celestial object!! I do not understand this but I’m seriously freaked out and have this feeling of doom 🙁

Then like at work, omggg! my boss demands I work these things called “hours” It’s sooo surreal guys! I find myself at work at 9am everyday and off at 6pm. I mean, what are the odds!?? That’s like 9hrs what does 9 mean?? I read that planet 9 is an extreme trans-Neptunian object, 9 relates to sharp objects, if your a 9 then your a natural lightworker. It’s kinda weird cause I work at a place called Neptune Needle and Light Co. But I don’t believe in synchronicity and am very skeptical.

This is the thing that gets me tho, every year,like right on time without fail since I was born, and to the exact second! I increase in antiquity!! no joke every year! and its only ever by one digit, never by two or three…I just cant figure that out either.

I’m a life path 6, please random people, who know nothing about my life or personality, tell ME how to live MY life by this number. While your at it, I’d appreciate to tell me which foods to avoid based on that my favorite rock is a metamorphic slate and that I only walk backwards with socks on my hands and my underpants on my head.

Also, number 4 has been following me my entire life!! Evey where I look there he is! stalking…watching…waiting!! number plates, house numbers, telephone numbers, calculators, doctors appointments, sometimes tho in a bid to mask himself he appears as 16:00… But I figured out 16:00 equals 4…Do people know that? are they aware of this even?? Like what kinda psychopathic number even does that?! I need help because its just got so crazy I’ll randomly look in my fridge and seeing that after eating 2 apples from a six pack….yep, 4 are left!!!

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