State: Juan Camarena raped, sex trafficked, assaulted

Juan Camarena, a person of interest in a triple homicide in Wasilla, has been charged with two counts of rape in Palmer, sex trafficking, and two counts of assault.

Troopers had put out a notice asking the public’s help in locating the 51-year-old Californian, after three bodies were found off of KGB and Knik Knack Mud Shack Road. They had been shot to death on Nov. 2.

Juan Camarena

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Camarena turned himself in and was later charged by U.S. District Attorney Bryan Schroeder with felon in possession of ammunition.

A grand jury on Nov. 20 issued an indictment for rape, sex trafficking, and assault. Troopers said the investigation related to the homicides in the Mat-Su Valley led to evidence that supported the charges that Camarena sexually assaulted a victim in the living room of a camper and later forced the victim to engage in prostitution by tying her up and forcing her to perform sexual acts while others were observing, in exchange for illegal drugs.

The charges also allege Camarena hit the victim’s head with a rock and discharged a gun next to her head.

Camarena is currently being held at Cook Inlet Pre-trial.

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Camarena is from Colton, Calif., where he was associated with gang activity, drug trafficking, and other criminal enterprises.

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