Course dates: Sunday 2nd of June – Friday 14th of June, 2019

Location: Ligatne, Latvia. Arrival: Sunday 2nd of June, 2019

Departure Saturday 14th of June, 2019

14 International students

2 tutors, 2 guest tutors

Age limitation 15+

More info and application form:

Course participants will learn historical way of traditional joinery and green woodworking/wood carving in a practical educational course using only hand tools and also learn about the historical and cultural context of joinery, furniture making and green woodworking in Latvia and Northern Europe.

Sash window frame making from scratch – sawn piece of larch to finished frame using bench and combination planes, sash filster planes, chisels, saws and hand drills.

Understanding and using different traditional joiners and wood carvers hand tools (17. – 20.ct) from different cultures – French, German, English, American, Latvian, Finnish, Japanese – chisels, axes, bench planes, combination planes, rip and cross cut saws, dovetail saws, draw knives, augers, marking tools – their history, sharpening and techniques using them.

Wood turning on a foot powered lathe making traditional Latvian “Midland” rush – seated chair from birch or ash wood.

Steam bending techniques for wood.

Introduction into traditional Japanese hand tools – Japanese chisels, Ryoba and Dozuki dovetail saws, Kanna planes.

Traditional joinery – mortice and tenon joint, dovetail joints, draw boring/offset drilling peg holes, half blind dovetails, wedged trough mortice and tenon joint.

Making medieval style rustic white oak bed using only wooden joinery.

Carving traditional Latvian bread making bowl from aspen or lime log.

Making smaller wooden bowls from birch and white oak logs.

How to sharpen gouges, chisel and plane blades on natural Novaculite Arkansas bench stones.

How to sharpen a saw using files.

Preparation and drying of green wood to avoid cracks and splitting.

Finishing techniques of wood using Japanese Shou-Sugi-Ban fire burning technique. Beeswax and propolis finish.

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