It’s a tough time for us travel-loving humans. As more and more countries close their borders and go into lockdown in a bid to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, we’re doing everything we can to keep the wanderlust alive.  

Travel is a huge part of who we are and how we connect with the world. But just because our travel plans are on hold right now doesn’t mean we can’t still travel vicariously through the lives (or Instagram photos) of some of the world’s most well-travelled – and coolest – pets! 

So, here’s 10 traveling pets of Instagram that you need to follow, like, now. Happy scrolling! 

1. Loki the Wolfdog

First of all, we love his name. He’s a huge lover of the snow, beaches and wears bandanas better than a 90’s boy band (*NSYNC we’re looking at you). Plus, he’s buddies with the only and only Jason Momoa, a.k.a, Khal Drogo! Need we say more?!

2. Juan, the cool cat

A tabby cat with a zest for life! Juan does a lot of hiking and has even dabbled in a spot of wine tasting. Apparently, his fave was the meow-bec. And sorry, but can we please take a moment to appreciate his cool cat eyewear? Sunglasses that even Elton John would be jealous of.

3. Christopher the Pig

This little piggy has been all over his home country of Canada and has hit up the Big Apple to see the sights. Oh, he is now a ‘pigfluencer’, too. 2020 is weird. Great, but weird.

4. Herbee the hedgehog

If Herbee the hedgehog doesn’t bring you joy, nothing will. This spiky little guy has been to all of our European favourites including Berlin, Paris and the Austrian Alps. On top of his mega cute photos, he’s also got a few travel-loving friends who are just as cute.

5. Ozzie, Ripley and Bishop

Just three best friends living their best lives exploring the Pacific Northwest with their Mum, Amber. They spend their days hiking, frolicking around on the beach in the summer and dashing through the snow in the winter.

6. Bolt and Keel

Just two adventurous cats who spend their days lounging in canoes, on boats and in the back of vans with epic views of mountains, lakes and the open ocean. We’re not jealous, you’re jealous.

7. Chapati

Possibly the most photogenic dog to have ever walked the planet, Chapati is a rescued Indian native dog who’s been working his way around the world and is currently on 30 countries. Now that’s impressive!

8. Aspen, the mountain pup

Okay, we take that back. Aspen the Golden Retriever living the life of adventure in Colorado, USA, is probably the most photogenic dog in the world. Probably the most stylish too.

9. Max and Louise

This French duo have already been to Lisbon, Mykonos and Miami Beach and currently live in São Paolo. It’s a ruff life.

10. Mr Bentley

He’s afraid of nothing and no one. This little dude doesn’t just travel, he travels in style as co-pilot. The sky’s the limit for Mr Bentley. We’ve never wanted to be a dog so much!

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