The post-election circus (that some might call a coup) continued this week, peaking with Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s bumbling personal lawyer, literally melting while giving a press conference on how the Trump camp “believes” there was widespread voter fraud (while providing no evidence of this being the case).

Trump himself inadvertently started a new Twitter meme by tweeting misinformation about the election results so often that Twitter started adding a note to half his tweets saying they are disputed or false according to officials. This made for an easily parodied new format in which Twitter users imagined the outlandish statements they could make that would bring Twitter’s fact-checking apparatus down upon them.

Finally, the debut of a rather pathetic-looking Rockefeller Center Tree seemed to be the icing on the 2020 cake, symbolizing a struggle through a holiday season that will look vastly different for many amidst the pandemic.

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