Morshu is a notorious meme character from the cutscenes of Legend of Zelda CD-i. Used in a variety of videos and memes for the past decade, he’s been a constant background shadow in the meme markets. His most recent spotlight appearance is because of a cross between RTX on and his original appearance as a humble 2D shopkeeper. So while we look at some of the most recent examples of his memeness, it’s important to also look back at what made him such a longstanding figure in the first place.

His Newer Meme Awakening

Current Year vs. Decades Ago

Morshu RTX ON


You’ve been MMMRoll’d

Original, IRL, RTX

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And It Changes Every 20 Minutes

Nightmare Fuel

Who Asked For This?

The Game Is Just Jank

Terrifying Or Beautiful?

Sounds Like A Fun Conversation

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Wait, Get In What Now?

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Old vs. New

Telltale’s Next Big Title

Rated M For Mmm

Punished Morshu, A Man Denied His Shop

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More Milk Bro

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Hey Meter

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Speedrunners At It Again

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