The All Blacks won’t be in the Rugby World Cup final but you and a mate can still make it – if you have a spare $10k.

Two tickets for England and South Africa’s face-off are up for grabs on Trade Me’s website for a whopping Buy-now cost of $10,000 and a starting bid of $2000 less.

Originally bought for just over $1000 each, the seller could be making a 10 times that amount from fans wanting to be in the finals crowd.

Ticket prices have skyrocketed over the weekend, with a group of Kiwi fans pocketing a profit after selling their finals tickets for a cool $3000 each.

As of Sunday, the cheapest tickets available were on sale for slightly over $6000.

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But the ticket scalpers aren’t likely to face any negative consequences.

James Ryan, Policy and Compliance Manager at Trade Me, says that with some exceptions,
if it’s legal to sell something in New Zealand then its allowed to be sold on the Trade Me marketplace.

“People are legally allowed to on-sell legitimate tickets for the vast majority of events, so Trade Me’s position is that we have always allowed them to be sold,” he said.

“If our sellers have the tickets in their possession they’re able to sell them on Trade Me.”

Tickets will be pulled from the site if members cannot prove they have them in their possession, if the promoter or event organiser has cancelled the tickets or if they fall under the Major Events Management Act.

“At the end of the day these are trades between a willing buyer and a willing seller and the prices are simply market forces at work.”

While it sucks genuine fans can’t get tickets when they are made available, Trade Me offers fans who missed out with an alternative avenue for getting along to an event in a pure and transparent market, he said.

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