ast year, we launched our interview series where we spoke with nearly 50 individuals immersed in the world of meme and internet culture. From classic meme formats like Bad Luck Brian to beloved content creators such as Internet Historian, we spoke with some of the internet’s most iconic netizens to dig deeper into the stories behind their online fame. In case you missed any of these from 2020, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list with all our Q&As below so you can peruse your favorite picks.

The interview series will continue throughout 2021, so be sure to check here for more this year as we sit down with old favorites and newcomers alike.

Big Chungus’ Original Creator Shares The Tale Of His Inception, And How A Nonsensical Joke Became An Online Phenomenon

Back in early 2018, Braden created a seemingly random meme of a chonky Bugs Bunny to share amongst his friends. Coining the image “Big Chungus,” he didn’t think much of it at the time, but his humble creation would ultimately evolve into one of the biggest memes of the late 2010s. As the original creator of the meme, Braden, who goes by the online handle Gary the Taco, agreed to share the origin story of how he created the meme in our interview.

GuyWithRealFacts Explains The Story Of His Infamous Reddit Account And His Clever Bait-and-Switch Comments

The art of the bait-and-switch technique is one of the most ubiquitous and enduring jokes on the web, but also one of the trickiest to properly execute. Over the last few years, Redditors have found themselves the victims of another style. Carefully crafting his “facts” by roping people into a plausible intro that slowly descends into absurdity, GuyWithRealFacts has successfully managed to put a unique spin on the bait-and-switch formula by using the internet’s tendency to believe a convincing comment. To better understand how and why he does this, we spoke with GuyWithRealFacts and asked him all about the story of his now-infamous Reddit

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