2021 Storming the United States Capitol, also known as the 2021 “Save America” Rally D.C. Protest, refers to the riots and demonstrations that occurred around Washington D.C. in early January 2021 due to supporters of Donald Trump alleging that there was widespread voter fraud or sabotage during the 2020 presidential election in order to help Joe Biden win. Although evidence disproved many of these claims, supporters asserted that Trump was robbed of the election due to vote-counting fraud they believe took place in several swing states. A decentralized network of groups, including the Stop the Steal movement, began hosting rallies in D.C. on January 5th ahead of the Electoral College certification, which erupted into violent clashes with police near the Capitol Building the following day that caused a lockdown in the senate and an evacuation of Vice President Mike Pence. Four people died during the event, including a woman named Ashli Babbitt who was fatally shot by police while trying to climb through a window inside the Capitol building.


On January 5th, 2021, supporters of President Trump, organized by the Stop the Steal movement and other groups, began holding rallies and demonstrations in Washington D.C. a day before the Electoral College certification took place in Congress, which would certify that Joe Biden won the presidential election. Demonstrators asserted that the election was stolen as speakers in the crowd repeated election conspiracy theories throughout the night, which were initially mostly peaceful into Wednesday morning with few arrests made.

On January 6th, demonstrations continued leading up to Trump’s “Save America” rally on Wednesday morning with tens of thousands in attendance to hear the president’s speech. Around noon, Trump took the stage and spoke to the crowd where he continued making claims about winning the election.

Shortly after his speech ended, the supporters shifted toward the Capitol Building and…

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