Published On: October 11th, 2019Categories: California News

Southern California Edison has shut off power to 21,047 customers in the midst of Santa Ana winds and raging wildfires as of Friday morning, Oct. 11. And another 223,128 customers are at risk of losing power, the utility says.

Here’s the latest list. SCE does not give a detail breakdown of customers in each city or community.

Combined with the warmer temperatures and lower humidity is a recipe for wildfires. The low humidity is caused by cold air and a drying-out effect that occurs when the gusts blow across mountain slopes.

According to the SCE website, the company looks at historical data to help predict the likelihood of a wildfire occurring.

“During these events, we may need to proactively shut off power temporarily as a result of elevated weather conditions … that can cause a power line to fall and spark, possibly creating a wildfire.”

An outage will last “as long as the dangerous fire weather conditions exist,” according to SCE.

Power shut off: 21,047 customers:

Kern (5,283 customers)

Unincorporated areas including Bird Springs, Horse Canyon, Loraine, Sand Canyon and Twin Oaks

Los Angeles (4,557 customers)


Unincorporated communities of Agua Dulce and Acton, Boiling Point, White Heather

Unincorporated communities of Fern Ann Falls, Twin Lakes, Deer Lake Highlands, Chatsworth Lake Manor, Santa Susana Knolls

Riverside (168 customers)

Unincorporated areas including Eden Hot Springs and Mountain Center near Idyllwild

San Bernardino (3,136 customers)


Rancho Cucamonga


San Bernardino

Unincorporated communities of Lytle Creek

Unincorporated communities of Muscoy, Devore, Glen Helen Regional Park

Unincorporated communities of Etiwanda, Grapevine Canyon, San Sevain Flats

Unincorporated communities of Devils canyon, Serrano Village, Kendall

Ventura (7,900 customers)



Santa Paula

Simi Valley

Unincorporated areas including Santa Susana Mount

SCE adds that while the list is updated regularly, some changes may not be shown here.

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