Charity leading to expansion and inspired by unconditional love. Charity means: “Love thy neighbor, like thyself” . Do an inquiry into yourself. How deep is the love for yourself? How deep is your love for the other? Are they in balance? Is the love unconditional. Great questions to create ‘Inner Expansion’


23–5-2020 14/5 Charity/ Expansion

Spirit: 23 Unconditional Love or “Cry for Love”?

Soul: 5 Expansion, Fullness, Order, Inner Motivation, Adventure, Freedom

Body: 20 Immortality

The sum total of today is 14: Charity. You want to live charity through the charity of your spirit, the expansion of your soul and through your physical immortality. Charity leading to expansion and inspired by charity. Charity leading to expansion and inspired by unconditional love. Charity means: “Love thy neighbor, like thyself” . Do an inquiry into yourself. How deep is the love for yourself? How deep is your love for the other? Are they in balance? Is the love unconditional. Great questions to create ‘Inner Expansion’

Three major themes underline your quest for charity. ‘Leadership-Awakening’ , ‘Relationships’ and Change-Transformation”

Red 5-Red 0: Axis of Awakening and Leadership

The axis of change drives the axis of inner awakening and leadership. Change- the only constant in this universe- is going to be your constant pressure to wake up and how to lead and inspire people. The two opposing principles are Balance and Cross-Fertilization coming from the “God” realm and the energy of ‘God in the world” (the manifestation of the Divine in the world) coming from the “Ego” realm.

“Cross-fertilization” means that you must be aware to receive as much as you give. It should be a perfect 50/50 balance, otherwise you end up in the Helper Syndrome. With this energy coming from the ‘God’ realm this is easy to understand, as in the Universe everything eventually balances out and nothing gets lost. We live thanks to cross-fertilization, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

**“**God in the world; Spiritual Child” means that the world in which we live, is in all its aspects, be it spiritual, mental, emotional or physical is an expression of God or the Divine. It is the energy that makes us ‘alive’. A ‘0’ always creates unrest and with it comes the great power for transformation. The 60 here in the 15 Pentagram invites you to let that energy flow fully into your life and through you to others as well. It is an extremely powerful at this spot, which may overwhelm you. Hence the importance to connect with the 15 on top: make sure you use this transformative life-energy in a balanced and cross-fertilizing way.

The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: Awareness of Vitality; Power. It is the desire for fulness, justice, holiness and inner order that wants to develop to self-awareness. It is also the energy of Dominance, Rule (Power!), Dogmatic Faith and Outer Fame. This power as such does not have to be negative. It calls for balancing it and using it for cross-fertilization.

The positive leadership coming from this central axis is to lead through vitality-change and cross-fertilization. Your whole presence radiates change. When you have full access to this axis, you lead by vitality, by charisma, by energy. Literally ‘being’ the change through energy.

On the negative side your leadership may become very manipulative.

Blue 3- Red 22 Axis of relationships

The expansion of self-awareness drives the way you relate to others and how you define your relationships. The better you know Who you are the deeper and more rewarding your relationships will be. The two opposing principles are “Expansion” coming from the mental level to join with “Detachment, Redemption” coming from the emotional level. Mentally you have the desire to expand your Will in your relationships, whereas emotionally you seek the opposite: detachment and redemption.

“Expansion” Self-awareness drives and aims for change and decisiveness in the sense of expanding. “Expansion” is also the 4th dimension of manifestation. The sum of expansion and its underlying rank prime numbers is: Physical Power and Sexuality. This means that Expansion is influenced on a very deep level by physical power of which sexuality is the biggest. Expansion will use physical power and sexuality to create expansion.

“Detachment, Redemption” is the process of detaching yourself slowly from the physical world and its attachments. Redemption happens when you place more value in the spiritual world than in the material world.

The balance of the two principles lies in showing Self-aware Goodness, Humility and Beauty in your relationships, rooted in the pure Feminine (being receptive and open)

Blue 5- Blue 10: Axis of Change and Transformation

Focus concentration drives your change and transformation. You constantly need to ask yourself: what do I need to let go of and what do I need to hold on to, so that I may advance and create change and transformation in my life? The two opposing principles are the “Ascending Prophet” coming from the physical level to join with “Harshness of Life, Deepest Commitment” coming from the spiritual level. Being on the physical level you become aware that there is more to life than what you can hear, see, smell, taste or touch. On the spiritual level you are aware that the only constant is change-which scares the hell out of you.

The ascending prophet is still very much in the ‘learning phase’ and thus confronted with the Temptation to either refuse this spiritual calling or to consider as something too special for him and to only concern himself with the external or physical matters of life. The dedication to your own spirituality is the determining factor (in your life as well). If you do commit yourself to that, then from deep within come the conscious insights, which you then want to share, making you a prophet (perhaps against your will)

The only constant is ‘change’. Harshness of Life confronts you with that when you desperately try to hold on to what you have and what you know. It feels as if you can only serve progress and transformation through the deepest commitment- without being aware that it is you yourself that blocks the progress and commitment.

If you are able to use your receptive femininity to re-construct and re-new, if you trust your intuition to guide you to (un)deserved Luck and manifest your healing- and saving capacities, then Harshness of Life will give you the insight when to stop and when to transform . Life fullfilment will be the end result.

To balance the two principles you must become wide awake in the here and now and even take that to a higher level. It calls for developing an “awakened divine awareness” in which the only constant is change

Levels of awareness’

Your spiritual and mental awareness is high today. On the spiritual level obtained through ‘Healing and Salvation’ combined with ‘Harshness of Life’. On the mental level obtained through “Expansion” and “Spirit of Time; Reformer”

All levels give you the desire to intuitively ‘Know God’ and by manifesting the Divine Connection. In practical terms is means that you listen and act upon your intuition, your insights, your inspiration, your ‘hunches’ as opposed to listening to your instincts.


Your spiritual and mental awareness is further enhanced today by the connection to the 1st principle. It wants you to expand your serving, healing and aiding of others and yourself, with mastery and power at its core. And your spiritual awareness in connection with the 6th principle brings out the ‘avant-gardist’ in you, with the energy of the ‘Transformative Healing factor’. Your mental awareness in connection with the 6th principle brings out the “Mover and Shaker” in you with the same energy of the “Transformative Healing factor”

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2020. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

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