Two decades ago, a 9-year-old cat found a family from Wisconsin, and has been their most loyal companion since.

Emmu Lah @retired_familiar

The 29-year-old cat (lovingly named Margo Margopants) found her forever human 20 years ago when their family brought her home to foster. Emmu Lah who was 12 years old at the time, met the sweet feline and was instantly smitten.

Before their paths crossed, the cat spent nine years with the owner of a restaurant, and when she could no longer keep the cat in her apartment, her employee, Emmu’s mother, offered to help.

“My mom took Margo in ‘until we find her a better home.’ Margo immediately became a member of the family,” Emmu told Love Meow. “I was 12 when we adopted her. She was always the peacekeeper amongst our cats.”

Margo befriended other furry friends and met many people along the way. She discovered that she loved to be the center of attention at all times. “She was suddenly living in a place where she could have as many friends as she wanted.”

Emmu (15), Margo (12)Emmu Lah @retired_familiar

They reached out to Margo’s original owner to find out how old she was. “She told me she got Margo in 1991, and that she was ‘probably under a year old’ when she got her,” Emmu said. “I picked a birthday—March 13th—and we started counting years from there.”

Margo grew very fond of everyone in her family and especially bonded with Emmu. “When I moved out at 18, Margo came with me. Between my mom and my three siblings, Margo had decided that I was going to be her caretaker.”

Emmu Lah @retired_familiar

“She has always been incredibly cuddly, loving, and intelligent. I’ve slept with her in my arms every night for about 20 years,” Emmu told Love Meow.

“She is very good at letting me know what she wants. She loves to play but was never a hunter. She likes to sit on the back porch or in…

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