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Product Description

Bumper Balls Bumper Balls

Bubble soccer is a fun game to relax yourself, keep fit and boost your relationship! It needs to walking, sprinting and running motions which are crucial in the formation of strong bones and enhance flexibility. Great for family gathering games, birthday parties, corporate or school event, churches, etc.Many fantastic ways to play bubble soccer including official bubble soccer, bubble bowling.

Bumper Ball

Bumper Ball

Inflatable Bumper Ball

Inflatable Bumper Ball

Zorb ball

Zorb ball

Durable Construction

TPU Handles: Welding by high frequency machine, more safety and non-cracking. Adjustable Canvas Strap: Conveniently adjust to suitable length and canvas is durable for keep safe.Big Inflation Inlet: Easy to inflate or deflate with electric air pump (not included).

TPU Plug: Tight sealing and keep air-proof.

Choose Right Bubble Soccer Ball

Friendly Material: Non-toxic, odorless and healthy 0.8 mm PVC material for safely use; Better Sealed and welding edge: No leakage and keep for long time play; Heat and Cold Resistance: 5.0℉- 104.0℉, applicable to all-season use; Aging Resistance: Multiple use for years, no fade and not easy to be yellow.

How to Play with Bubble Soccer Ball?

Each team consists of more than two players, all teams entered the bubble ball first, then soccer scraping, yellow invalid, collision rational, goal count wins. As a fun bumper ball, not an end goal kick, knocked the opponent was interesting. Play Occasions : Birthday party in home yard, indoor playground, gathering in the park, school/ community activity, sporting event etc.

Bubble Soccer BallBubble Soccer Ball

Keenstone bumper ball is made of 0.8 mm ultra thick & durable environmental Plato PVC, non-toxic and odorless. The bubble soccer is featured with excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, better sealing performance and ductility. Anti-freeze and UV resistant: Heat and cold resistance.

There are many fantastic ways waiting for you to challenge!

You can play bumper balls on grassland or indoors on basketball/gym courts, turf fields, or carpeted surfaces. Suitable for adults Before playing bubble soccer, pls avoid stones of any shape, sticks and other debris that may damage your bubble ball. Not on the pavements, cement surfaces or in water.

Note:When our product is in use, must be no Sharp ground or ordinary ground use.

Anti-free; UV Resistant; Waterproof; 0.8MM PLATO PVC; Tear Resistance; Quick Inflation

Inner handles: help with both stability and mobility

Air-filled: Protect whole body entirely in the inflated sphere

Place: Grass, Sandlebeach, Snowfield, Frm Ground

Bumper BallsBumper Balls

【Durable Material】UL GREENGUARD approved, PVC, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless. Made of 0.8MM PVC, strong and durable, can be completely clean and reuse, lifespan up to 3-5 years.
【Safe Balls】The bumper Zorb ball has 2 handles inside and 2 adjustable shoulder straps, makes it safer and more convenient. The bumper Zorb ball can inflate or deflate in 1-2 minutes (use electric air pump (not included)
【Two Portable Bumper Balls】The bumper ball can be deflated and it is collapsible. After being deflated, it is very convenient to carry in the storage bag or it can also be put in your luggage.
【Occasion】Perfect for family reunions, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, at the beach, or in schools, theme parks, leisure centers and so on.
【Tips】Enjoy the freedom to bounce, flip, roll over and bump, while playing games like soccer. Please use the bumper balls on a flat and smooth ground to avoid sharp objects from damaging the product; Do not overfill when inflating to prevent the bumper balls from bursting.