Cats are wondrous creatures, full of mystery and instinct, and as humans spend more and more time with felines, we learn new and amazing facts about cats all the time. While we may never unlock all their secrets, we’ve discovered how truly incredible cats can be. From the way they walk to the way they talk, there’s no doubt, cats are the best.

To learn more about your favorite animal, check out these 39 amazing facts about cats…
The Marvelous Miracle of the Cat Body

Feline bodies are a marvel. They can defy the laws of physics to occupy impossible spaces or run so fast, the eye can’t keep up. From eyes that see at night to whiskers that sense the world, here are some facts about the physicality of cats.

1. Like camels and giraffes, cats walk in what’s known as a pacing gait. This means the front and back legs on one side of a cat’s body move in unison, followed by the dual movement of the legs on the other side to complete the stride.

2. Cats can drink seawater. Feline kidneys have the ability to filter out much larger amounts of salt than human kidneys. Freshwater is certainly better for cats, but in a bind, cats can drink salty ocean water.

3. Cats can run at speeds of up to 30 mph. However, they can only maintain such speeds in short distances.

4. Whiskers sense changes in the air by using vibrations that tell them more about their surroundings and any threats that might be nearby.

5. Because cats’ sweet taste buds aren’t very reactive, cats can’t truly taste sugary snacks. If it seems your cat is a dessert fiend, its probably the fat content driving their tastes.

6. Cats have approximately 230 – 244 bones, with 18 – 23 bones in the tail alone. The number of bones in the bodies of cats varies as cat bones can fuse together over time.

7. Adult cats can jump distances up to six times their body length, meaning they can cover approximately 5-6 feet in one leap, especially if they’ve got a running…

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