My name is Anna-Liisa, I am a DIY woodworker and spoon carver from Berlin. Together with my partner, I design solid wood puzzle furniture. We want to make sustainable, affordable, and stylish furniture available for more people.

This is why I run workshops for Wood Sisters in Berlin. Why sisters? Because my own non-scientific studies show that women and girls all over the world tend to hesitate to start learning to build things. I will support them through their journey of discovering the world of woodcraft and encourage them to push their limits.

Sometimes men attend my workshops too, so if you are a nice guy and would want to learn how to build your own furniture, I welcome you friendly.

Woodworking helps you to relax, connect to yourself and other Wood Sisters. You will see how beautiful things you can make with your own hands. You are going to love it.


// 3D PUZZLE FURNITURE Design Process// Japanese lock system – Woodworking Without Screws


2018-06-02 17:29:59


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