I am 🙂 I don’t think anyone really knows the real meaning. I do think that 4 is a grounding energy though. One having to do with connection to the Earth. So that’s sort of what I go with. When you read about people’s Life Path energy I think those numbers line up really well with the person (sort of like astrology) and I loosely relate that personality numbers to the numbers I see during the day. If the numbers are mixed then I take that all into account as well. So, for me, I see a lot of 4 and 1 combo’s. That gives me the sense that the one energy (leader, achiever, focus, movement forward) is combined with the 4 energy (grounded, practical, builders). This all makes sense to me as the Earth and the living things on the Earth are going through major changes and experiencing this energy that feels progressive and building and forward and leveling up so to say. Since different groups of people see different sets of numbers at different times then I tend to think that it’s more of the energy of this group that’s focused on facilitating the number synchronicities that they see around them. For you and I it’s currently a lot of 4 energy. For others, it may be something else.

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