When it is about hot drinks, spices and cuisines, India has some specialties that make it stand out in the global market. One such thing is the beverage of India. Indian tea has occupied a distinct place across global families. Whether in India or in foreign countries, thousands of people start their day with a cup of Indian brew. Indian tea manufacturers, especially, Darjeeling are the most popular and flavorsome. Varieties of other blends are available in the palette of Indian beverage.

Besides Darjeeling, Assam blends come second in the list of popular Indian teas. Nowadays, herbal teas have made its footsteps into the world of beverage because of its numerous health benefits. Many online companies offer top-notch blends.

Indian Blends

Tea in India means Chai. It is the favorite hot drink of numerous Indian families. Indians begin their day with a cup of black blends either from Darjeeling or Assam, preferably. They believe that the aromatic flavor of this beverage makes a refreshing start to the day and make their day special. There are many people who prefer having tea at any time of the day. In workplaces, tea is served at definite intervals to de-stress the employees.

Darjeeling blends are the most aromatic as well as expensive Indian beverage. It is exported in huge quantity to foreign countries. Different kinds of Darjeeling brews like green, white, black and oolong tea is available to satiate the thirst of people. Generally, high profile people can afford Darjeeling. On the other hand is the Assam tea. It is also a popular beverage and is exported to other countries.

Some people blend the two variants together to make a cup of their Indian chai. Herbal brews are another good alternative. Health conscious drinkers prefer this herbal brews.

How to prepare Indian blends?

Blends of top quality give authentic flavor. To get real taste and fragrance of Indian beverage, buyers should purchase loose leaf brews. Indian tea from wholesale producers is of the best quality. Now, there are varied ways of preparing Indian brews. Boiling water, adding milk and sugar to it is not the only process, though it is the simple household way of enjoying tea.

Some even make spicy blends to enjoy the heavenly taste of spicy Indian chai. One will get special spices for making this blend. Packets of masala tea are also available in the market. So, kick off the day in a very royal style.

Source by Sneha Birla