For many tattoo artists and tattoo collectors, the love for Traditional is a real inexhaustible passion. The iconic subjects, the unmistakable palette, the clarity of the messages that these tattoos bring with them, make them real masterpieces that never go out of fashion.

Pin up and panthers, horseshoes, skulls and roses, sacred hearts, the Pharaoh’s Horses, the Man’s ruin, the Rock of Ages, are just some examples of subjects that do not lose their charm with the passage of time… Quite the opposite!

Paul Dobleman, Black Heart Tattoo, San Francisco, USA

Over the years someone has remained faithful to the Old-school, while others have reinterpreted the wide range of suggestions with their creativity (Deno, in this gallery, is a typical example). Which side are you on?

Deno, Seven Doors Tattoo, London, UK

Take a look at our selection, and enjoy!

Theo Mindell, Spider Murphy’s Tattoo, San Rafael, USA

Tony Talbert, Tattoo Revival, Fredericksburg, USA

Samuele Briganti, Bold Will Hold, Florence, Italy

Nick Oaks, Bait & Schlang Tattoo, Montreal, Canada

Nicholas Adam, Riverside Tattoo Company, Cambridge, USA

Matt Cannon, Torch Tattoo, Anaheim, USA

Josue Jimenez JR, Royal Tiger Tattoo, Austin, USA

Greggletron, Atlas Tattoo, Portland, USA

Florian Santus, Private Studio, Paris, France

Chad Koeplinger, Adventure Tattoo, Nashville, USA

Andrew Mcleod, Chapel Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia

Adrian Hing, On The Road, Australia

Kim-Anh Nguyen-Dinh, Seven Seas Atelier, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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