Zack and John, hosts of Tiny House Nation, are in Manila for History Con when they receive a cry for help. 14-month-old Toby Tayag’s room is so cluttered he has no space to play. They arrive at Toby’s house and his parents, Don and Muffin, show them the room. It really is tiny – John can practically touch the opposite walls just by spreading his arms! It also is cluttered with all sorts of things, from baby shoes to winter wear to various odds and ends. Zack quickly works out a brand new design for the room and meets local carpenter, Mike, to start the build. In the meantime, John helps the family clear their stuff so there’s space for Zack’s design. Zack is pulling out all the stops in his design – a cunning pulley system, dual use furniture and even an ancient Japanese woodworking technique. It’s a great plan but it’s a lot to get done in time – Zack and John have just 2 days to wrap everything up before their plane departs for home. Will they be able to complete the build in time and ace tiny Toby’s tiny space?

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