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Product Description


You can directly put it in when you are ready to cook, easy to use.

Sufficient quantities offer a wide range of choices for your daily cooking, baking and replacement needs. Just throw away the paper liner after use. No need to clean the fryer anymore.


Tired of food getting stuck in the fry basket?

Even if you’re not a frequent air fryer user, having a pack of air fryer liners makes the cleanup process much easier.



Don’t let dirt and mess get in the way of your mood and stop you from baking! Spend less time cleaning your appliance and more time enjoying crispy, air fried comfort food!


These Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner are round.

Just in line with the shape of most fryer pans. When you need to make some food, you only need to put the food neatly on the liner paper, and then put the liner paper into the fryer, and you are ready to operate.



It is oil-proof, water-proof, non-stick and not easy to damage.


【PREMIUM Air Fryer PAPER LINERS】: Made from 100% food-grade pulp, non-toxic, 100% safe for daily use. Meanwhile, these air fryer liners are greaseproof and waterproof, an air fryer disposable paper liner is one of the essential air fryer accessories you might need if you are a frequent user of your air fryer.
【WhAT IS THE PURPOSE OF USING the Air Fryer PAPER LINERS IN AN AIR FRYER ?】: Air fryer disposable paper liner can prevent food residue and oil from staining the fryer and make the fryer as clean as unused, saving time and effort. These air fryer paper liners are a must-have if you hate cleaning after baking.
【UNIQUE DESIGN FOR EASY TO USE】: These non-stick disposable air fryer liners are designed with a round bowl shape, which does not need to tear, fold, cut, or bend, and you can directly put it in when you are ready to cook. Its heightened edge of 4.5cm can protect the side of fryers and prevent food from sticking to them.
【HEAT RESISTANCE & EASY TO CLEAN】: Unlike other papers, the air fryer liners are heat-resistant as they are safe to use even at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. And air fryer disposable paper liners have no effect on the taste of food. Throw away the air fryer liners after use, there is no need to clean the fryer.
【WIDELY USED】: Air fryer disposable paper liners suitable for an air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, cooker, etc. The air fryer liners can be applied for baking, roasting, frying, or serving food, suitable for home baking, camping, BBQ, summer party, and so on, lightweight and practical. Start a smarter and healthier kitchen life with our Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner!!!