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AMVR VR Silicone Face Cover & Lens Anti-Scratch Ring Protecting Myopia Glasses from Scratching VR Lens for Oculus Quest 2, Sweatproof Waterproof Anti-Dirty Replacement 3-in-1 Accessories (Blue)
【Keep your Quest 2 Clean and Sweat-proof 】The VR Silicone Face Cover replacements can keep oculus quest 2 neat and clean. Not soaked by sweat. You can no longer worry about sharing your quest 2 headset with your friends. The VR lens cover protects the oculus quest 2 lens from impact, scratches and stains.
【AMVR Patented Original Design】Anti-scratch Washer for Glasses, AMVR’s unique design, is used to protect glasses from scratching oculus quest 2 VR lenses. The Set has Two pieces Lens Protection Frame and 6 pieces Silicone Rings. The 6 silicone rings are divided into three specifications, namely high, medium and low. The high ones are 7mm thick, the middle ones are 5mm thick, and the low ones are 4mm thick. Consumers can choose the gasket that suits them according to their comfort level.
【Preventing Light-leaking & Glasses Frame not Squeezed Design】Two light-blocking sheets are added to the nose pads on the face cover to prevent light from entering, allowing you to have a better VR immersion experience. A small detail is specially designed for players wearing glasses, which will improve the comfortable sensation and game experience who wearing glasses.
【Easy to Install】First, Select the appropriate silicone ring to install on the AMVR lens protection frame. Then, Secure one end of the lens protection frame in and press the other end down. When you hear a “click”, it means that the installation has been successful.
【What You Can Get!】Package List: 1 pcs silicone face cover +1 pair Lens Protection Frame + 1 pair Red&Blue Silicone Ring(high) + 1 pair Red&Blue Silicone Ring(medium) + 1 pair Red&Blue Silicone Ring(low) + 1 pcs vr lens cover. With 18 months of product warranty and 24×7 friendly customer service.
【Special Sweat Wicking Design】We made a special texture on the surface of the silicone mask, adding a lot of small bumps. These small bumps are not only beautiful, enhance the feel, and are closer to the face, but also easily drain the sweat produced by the face when playing games.
【Easy to Clean】Made of high-grade silicone material is easy to clean, can be directly wiped with a wet paper towel or washed with water, (Including the washing machine),Convenient and fast, Twisting and pulling is not easy to lose shape.