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Product Description


Having a hammer drill in your inventory can prove to be an extremely handy tool. From tough tasks like making holes in a hard cement wall or robust parts. Aoben’s hammer drill is a master at breaking and piercing through solid objects using a forward and backward rotatory movement.

Our electric rotary hammer drill has a powerful 13-ampere motor that can drill through concrete like a fist through a paper. The ergonomic design of this beast was made for your complete comfort

Feel the power with easy to operate buttons and break through the wall







Drill Through Anything

Aoben electric rotary hammer drill is fueled by dominating 13-Ampere (1500watts) motor that packs-a-punch with each use. The precision bearings conclude for our drills amazing efficiency and the motor’s durability. This much power and efficiency will easily let you drill through hard-wood, concrete, and metal

Stay Comfortable

Our powerful hammer drill was designed to bring comfort to your hands while performing those robust tasks. The vibration control design keeps you away from feeling a thing and the ergonomic design delivered with a fully-adjustable rubber 360-degree handle lets you hold on to the drill in just about any position

Operate with Ease

With our rotary hammer drill’s easy to control and operate user experience, it was never easier to get out from between a rock and a hard place. The drill starts by simply pushing the trigger and the three function modes along with the double switch button allow you to easily switch between according to your needs


3-in-1 Perks

Aoben’s electric rotary hammer drill comes with the ability of fast-switching between three different modes, each providing a different outcome:

Chisel Mode – A flat chisel used for cutting or shaping objects like wood, stone, or metal

Hammer drill mode – A powerful rotatory pulsing action using to make holes like a hammer on concrete and robust objects

Drill mode – A fast and powerful rotatory action to efficiently drill through solid objects


Life-Sustaining Built

What’s the point of having power and efficiency if it doesn’t last forever? We at Aoben made sure that our powerful hammer drill wasn’t just made out of strong-quality materials, but also that it was designed to self-maintain and sustain its life year after year.

The cleverly designed heat exhaust system effectively avoids the motor from overheating and protects it from problems caused due to excessive temperature

A double layer bottom structure accounts for our hammer drill’s anti-dust design which keeps the dust and other residues from settling inside the drill, resulting in an extended use life


【POWERFUL MOTOR】 AOBEN electric Rotary Hammer Drill is equipped with 13 Amp (1500W) motor that delivers powerful impact energy to complete heavy duty projects on concrete, Masonry and metal.
【EASY TO OPERAT】 Three function modes can be easily switched – hammer only (chiselling-only), hammer drill (hammering and rotation), and drill only (rotation only) . There are double switch buttons to change the functions which can last longer compare with single switch button.
【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 AOBEN roto hammer drill adopt ergonomic design with Rubber and 360 degree adjust handle provides a comfortable use feeling . SDS-plus hammer drill can guarantee the user’s safety and well designed heat dissipation motor and double anti-dust bottom structure can extend the hammer’s use life.
【TOOL KITS】 AOBEN hammer drill set include 3 pcs drill bits(size of 8mm,10mm and 12mm), 1 pc flat chisel, 1 pc point chisel, a dirt proof boot, motor lubricant, 2 pcs of spare carbon brush and an extra chuck, fit drill bits size from 1mm to 13mm. Portable Carrying Case provides the perfect storage.
【MULTIFUNCTION】 AOBEN Professional rotary hammer Applies to wood,masonry,concrete and steel. Max 1-1/4 inch drilling diameter for concrete and for metal is 1/2 inch. AOBEN provide 24 months warranty service.