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Primer (WP200) is for beginners of the average age (7-11). It used preliminary personnel before the introduction of the large staff. The reading is displayed with steps, skip and repeated notes. Music includes a variety of original works, folk songs and pop styles, as well as many with duet accompaniments. The Theory Primer (WP205) includes drills, games and short pieces to reinforce the piano’s concepts. It offers easy to follow directions and large personnel size for writing. Performance is the Bastien Piano Basics Solo collection series. The enjoyable variety of original melodies, folk songs and pop styles will brighten up the piano study, and the wonderfully colourful works of art give students an elevator! The Performance Primer (WP210) contains 25 solos that use piano concepts. Ideal for first level studies, some include duet accompaniments. Technic is the Bastien Piano Basics Technic Development Series. Use the practical warm-up exercises to start lessons and exercises. Each page is carefully linked to piano, performance and theory. Your students will develop reliable technology right from the start. The Technic Primer Level (WP215) offers an excellent selection of technical drills and exercises to develop hand and finger coordination.
Bastien Piano Basics, Theory, Primer Level (WP205)(ISBN 0849752701)
Bastien Piano Basics, Performance, Primer Level (WP210) (ISBN 084975271X)
Bastien Piano Basics, Technic, Primer Level (WP215) (ISBN 0849752809)
Juliet Music Piano Keys 88/61/54/49 complete set of removable stickers, good for teachers, students and parents.