May 20, 2020

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the King of Flips on Unibet Poker. Go up against him and be in with a chance of winning Bonus Points, HexaPro tickets and up to €2,000 cash!

And the best part is – you don’t even need to opt in!

Win Up to €100,000 With HexaPro on Unibet Poker

How to Play King of Flips

In order to go up against the King, you’ll need tokens. Unibet Poker give you one free Bronze token to play against him every week, and you can earn even more by playing real money games in the Poker client.

For every token you earn, you receive two hole cards and a Flop, Turn and River will be dealt automatically. You and the King play an all-in flip and if you win you have a choice – collect a reward or risk it for something bigger with another Flip against the King.

The more rounds you win, the bigger your prize!

Earn Tokens to Win!

You can earn tokens in three different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can earn up to five tokens per tier (up to 15 tokens in total per day). Tokens will expire on the 21st June at 23:59 UTC.

To earn one token, you must:

See 25 flops in Cash Games, orPlay 5 SNGs, orPlay 3 Hexapros

The stakes player determine your token tier:

Game / TierBronzeSilverGold Cash Game€4 & €10€25, €50 & €100€200 & €400 SNG€1, €2 & €4€10 & €25€50, €100 & €200 Hexapro€1, €2 & €5€10 & €25€50 & €100

King of Flips Prizes

Bonus Points can be exchanged for Poker Rewards within the Bonus Shop section of the Poker client.

Bronze Tier Prizes
10 Bonus Points20 Bonus Points40 Bonus Points
Silver Tier Prizes
€1 HexaPro ticket200 Bonus Points
Gold Tier Prizes
400 Bonus Points€10 HexaPro ticket2,000 Bonus Points4,000 Bonus Points10,000 Bonus Points20,000 Bonus Points40,000 Bonus Points80,000 Bonus Points€2,000 Cash
Battle the King Today!

Signing up to Unibet Poker via PokerNews entitles you to a welcome bonus worth up to €200. This bonus is released into your account when you reach certain rake milestones, which means you’re constantly receiving more money as you play.

Once you rake €2 at the cash game tables or any tournament (or a combination of both), Unibet Poker places a €1 cash reward in your account. Rake €10 and an additional €4 cash is all yours. Once you’ve raked a total of €800, you’ll have received €200 in your account, the equivalent of 25% cashback, which is a pretty sweet deal.

LevelRakeCash rewardReward % 1€2€150% 2€10€440% 3€50€1530% 4€150€4027% 5€588€14025%

The bonus expires 60-days after you create your account so get your grind on and see how much cash you can earn.

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