CAHABA HEIGHTS, Ala. (WIAT) — Local cycling businesses are seeing an increase in sales as people look for fun and healthy ways to pass the time during the coronavirus crisis.

The team at Cahaba Cycles is working to provide a service people can enjoy while practicing social distancing. Like many local businesses, they’re adapting to the times, offering zero-contact curbside drop off and pickup. They’re also thoroughly sanitizing their bicycles.

Cahaba Cycles owner Faris Malki said he saw a big influx of people requesting bike repairs about a month ago.

“It’s been kind of the perfect storm for the bicycle,” said Malki. “People are getting out — It’s beautiful weather for one, number two there’s really not a whole lot to do and number three I think people are kind of rediscovering the bike and realizing how much fun it is and all the benefits it can give you.”

Malki and his team are busy repairing old bikes for people who want to rediscover cycling, as well as selling new ones for those who want to try something new.

Malki said riding a bicycle is a great way to get outside, stay active and safely spend time with loved one.


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