BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Social media has been buzzing about a Birmingham police officer who was caught putting people first.

Officer Ezeikeil Nevitt said his goal is to make six people smile a day and on one particular day, he made a family of four smile.

Last month, Jayme Anderson was taking her to daughter to a softball tournament with her two boys in the car, but as she drove past a police officer, one of her boys caught the officer’s attention and, the next thing she knew, she was getting pulled over. It’s what happened after, that they say changed their life.

Jayme Anderson said her kids have always been friendly to others.

“I just saw him and had the idea of waving at him,” said Cash Gurley, Jayme’s son who waved at a Birmingham police officer.

Cash’s act of kindness ended up with a police officer pulling them over.

“What did I do? Did I speed? I just turned on to the road. Did I not turn my blinker because I don’t think there was even a red light there so I was running through my head what kind of traffic violation did I commit. And over here he’s thinking the whole time, I waved at that cop,” said Anderson.

Jayme’s son, Cash, saw the cop sitting in his car and thought he would just wave, but officer Ezeikiel Nevitt said he saw something else.

“I was just sitting running radar and I see this kid Cash just looking at me and had this look ‘wow, wow it’s a police officer,’ and I remember that look as when I was little and I had the same look because I used to ride past police officers and I just used to beg for one to stop me and talk to me,” said Officer Nevitt.

So he stopped Jayme’s car for one purpose.

“I’m trying to bring positive energy everywhere I go because positive energy will always supersede negative energy,” said Nevitt.

At first, the kids did not think this was going to end well.

“He walked up to my window and I don’t know why I thought I would get in trouble just I was kind of scared,” said Cash Gurley.

“I thought we were going to get arrested, “said Asher Anderson, Jayme’s youngest son.

Instead, they got to check out Officer Nevitt’s police cruiser and get to know the person serving their community.

“They’re really kind and nice and that it makes me think now they’re not all about arresting people and stuff. They’re about making people feel good and helpful,” said Harper Gurley, Jayme’s daughter.

“He definitely accomplished what he sought out to do. He made their day and made a wonderful impression,” said Jayme.

So on that day, when Officer Nevitt had a goal of making six people smile, he made four in one stop.

“It changed my way thinking about cops a lot,” said Cash.

Officer Nevitt was honored recently by Mayor Randall Woodfin and Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith for following the city’s goal, putting people first.


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