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Sharping Kitchen Knife Set Inspect after using – Each time you use kitchen knife set, check them for pitting, dings, or any other problems. If you notice that kitchen knife set is a bit dull, run them over your sharpening steel a few times after using and cleaning before you put them back into the block. This will keep kitchen knife set sharp and extend the time in between re-sharpening.
Resistant to corrosion and scratch – Kitchen knife surface titanium coating is resistant to corrosion and scratch. So kitchen knife set will keep their beautiful look and food safety for years to come.
Resistant to rust and stains – Stainless steel kitchen knife set is resistant to rust and stains. Provides the user with a lot of strength and knife hardness making it a great choice for tougher jobs.
Better flexible – A special process is used to guarantee the quality of Wanbasion kitchen knife set, which are more flexible so the kitchen knife set hard to bend and break.
Excellent sharp and long edge retention – The new precision edge technology enhances the kitchen knife set sharpness and long sharp edge retention.