By Eric Heinz

LOS ANGELES – The Bothwell Ranch, deemed one of the last commercial orange groves in Los Angeles, has been approved by a city commission for designation as a historic monument, but its owners said they can’t afford to continue to maintain the trees.

Andrew Fogg, the attorney representing owners of the ranch, spoke during the Cultural Heritage Commission meeting Thursday and said the ranch is not economically sustainable, and taking action that would keep it as an orchard will only result in dead trees.

“The nomination and the city report both concede that this commercial activity is not viable and has not been viable for decades,” Fogg said. “It’s not just rising land value, it’s the economics of the orchard industry.”

The nearly 14-acre ranch, located at 5300 N. Oakdale Ave., will be considered for designation of the city’s Historic-Cultural Monuments List at a City Council committee meeting at a later date.

A property designated on the list must go through much more rigorous application processes when applying to make major changes to it.

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