KC Hill: Susan Peterson’s energy is unbounded

When my friend, Susan Peterson, told me she was running for Boulder City Council, I was not surprised. Peterson is one of those people with unbounded energy. Combine that with her sharp analytical mind, superior communication skills and compassionate heart, and she is the kind of dynamic leader that can clearly benefit her community.

I first met Peterson as a working single mom. I wanted to hire her for my company, because of the incredible reputation she had with the engineering community we served. It was the best decision I ever made. As it turned out, we became fast friends and have continued that relationship for close to 20 years. Through all of life’s challenges, the death of loved ones, birth of grandchildren, new jobs, new relationships and the like, she has been my trusted, loyal friend, ready at any moment to support the people she loves.

Included in her “loves” is this great city of Boulder. What I tend to take for granted, Peterson doesn’t; instead she gives back, whether it’s to support her son’s schools, creating a donation drive, knocking on doors for renewable energy, establishing a new fund for the Thorne Institute, co-founding the Blue Line, performing in a play to fight racism and bring people together, just to name a few. As I said, her energy is unbounded.

Strength of character is clearly important to me in elected leaders. I need to know that they have integrity, are grounded in a belief that there is a greater good and know there is a higher purpose to be served. Peterson has that and more. I’m excited for the city of Boulder to have such a dynamic, compassionate leader, Susan Peterson, as a candidate for Boulder City Council.

KC Hill


Peter Aweida: Elect Council members who will keep Boulder inclusive

The upcoming election in Boulder is an opportunity to elect a progressive and open-minded City Council. For those of us who grew up and have invested our lives here, we love contributing to Boulder being a vibrant city and attracting people and businesses from all over the world. It is important to have a City Council that promotes our town and wants Boulder to continue to thrive. There are six candidates who can do that: Bob Yates, Junie Joseph, Aaron Brockett, Mark McIntyre, Benita Duran and Rachel Friend.

We need a City Council that is pro-Boulder, not anti-everything. Real leadership is looking at opportunities and challenges, then taking bold approaches. NIMBYism and the “get off my lawn” approach of PLAN-Boulder County doesn’t work and has in fact made housing and transportation issues in Boulder worse since their hostile takeover of our politics over the last 20-plus years. Real leadership is respecting and listening to your staff, using the talent around you and moving forward in the best interest of the entire town.

How can we sync our climate goals with our policies if our City Council continually implements indefinite moratoriums and is unwilling to change archaic zoning regulations that keep us in the dark ages? New ideas for walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods can take cars off the road and create a sense of community. Boulder has always been an inclusive place, not some exclusive gated community. The best people, companies and towns grow and evolve with their environment.

We can keep Boulder thriving with fresh thinking on City Council. Please support these six candidates. Our best days are still ahead of us, not behind us.

Peter Aweida


Nicole Perelman: Community deserves better from BI

As reported in the Daily Camera on Oct. 4 (“Boulder skirmish with local immigration contractor BI continues“), I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Suzanne Jones: the city’s policy of providing police protection for BI, a large organization with a documented history of abuse of immigrants in its electronic surveillance program, is at odds with Boulder’s status as a sanctuary city.

BI Inc. could just as easily hire private security without using taxpayer resources to have a security presence. But perhaps more importantly, I take strong issue with BI President Jock Waldo’s quote that “claims of mistreatment by BI staff are news to us.” On the contrary, Detention Watch and American Friends Service Committee have documented claims of abuse going back to 2010. When concerned community members — including me — met with BI in August, Fred Hamdun told us they receive over a dozen complaints every year, and those are just what are reported.

BI has clearly avoided the tough work of making human resources and policy changes to address a corporate culture that treats asylum seekers like criminals, and they remain un-open to further dialogue with concerned members of the community who have additional stories of abuse to share, citing concerns about “employee safety.”  That’s the part I find almost humorous — as a middle-aged Boulder mom, I find it hard to believe anyone would find my presence in a meeting a threat to employee safety.

This is a classic Trump playbook move — public denial and gaslighting. Our community and our asylum seekers deserve better.

Nicole Perelman


Carrie Kass: Invitation to the wedding of the century

The bride: President Trump was glowing with his flowing orange locks.

The groom: Vladimir Putin was smartly dressed in chaps and a bare chest.

Ring bearer: Kim Jong Un

Maid of honor: Rudy Giuliani

Best man: Harvey Weinstein

Ceremony conducted by: Justice Kavanaugh

Location: Trump Tower (all guests are required to stay there with a mandatory three-night minimum stay).

Honeymoon: Previously planned for Turkey but now moved to Mar-a-Lago Estate.

Entertainment: Stormy Daniels

The happy couple have registered for gifts at the NRA website.

Carrie Kass


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