Editor’s Note: This story was updated to include the name of candidate Adam Swetlik.

Boulder City Council candidates more receptive to adding housing density in certain areas are outspending opposing candidates aligned with slow-growth stances.

But among unofficial candidate committees that have endorsed slates of candidates, a different dynamic is unfolding. So far, the slow-growth advocacy groups, including PLAN-Boulder County and Together4Boulder, have thrown more money behind their candidates than the committees favoring more housing flexibility through increased density, such as The Coalition, Boulder Progressives and Better Boulder.

PLAN and Together4Boulder are supporting Susan Peterson, Mark Wallach, Brian Dolan, Adam Swetlik and Corina Julca, whose collective official campaign committees have spent $64,414. Combined, their campaigns have contributions on hand to spend $26,633 more before the election, according to Tuesday filings with the City Clerk’s Office.

The slate of candidates backed by The Coalition and Boulder Progressives — Aaron Brockett, Benita Duran, Rachel Friend, Junie Joseph and Mark McIntyre — have spent a collective $80,260, with enough in the bank to spend another $22,926 between the five of them, according to this week’s campaign finance filings.

When spending by Bob Yates is included, the candidates more favorable toward density had spent more than $100,000 with two weeks to go before the election. Yates is being endorsed by Better Boulder and Open Boulder, which are both supporting the same slates as the Progressives and The Coalition, in addition to the incumbent.

However, PLAN, Together4Boulder and Save South Boulder are outspending their Better Boulder, Boulder Progressives, The Coalition and Open Boulder counterparts. The three groups have spent a collective $11,473 and have a combined $4,653 in unspent contributions.

Meanwhile, it looks like the pro-growth leaning groups are waiting until the final two weeks of the election cycle to do most of their spending. Better Boulder, Open Boulder, Boulder Progressives and The Coalition have collectively spent $8,641, with $9,014 left in unused contributions.

Only two candidates unaffiliated with any of the unofficial campaign committees appear to be keeping relative pace with the fundraising and spending efforts of the endorsed slates.

Nikki McCord has spent $7,407, and has another $11,093 on hand, while Gala Orba has spent $5,464 and has $344 an additional hand.

Paul Cure has spent $1,184, with no extra cash on hand as of Tuesday, and Andy Celani has spent $1,185, with an additional $520 in contributions remaining.

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