As members of Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, continue to age and join online communities en masse, they have rapidly become one of the most culturally dominant voices in meme circles. One of their most popular formats to use is the Girls vs. Boys series of memes. These “Boys” memes are a style of online content with a focus on the male experience. Such memes have come in waves throughout the years, but 2019 saw an explosion of content that typified it as a style unto itself.

Though these types of memes have fallen in and out of fashion, younger generations continue to reinvent them to relate to their particular worldview, which often makes them somewhat divisive due to their skew towards younger scenarios with different ideologies. Additionally, many users react negatively to them after becoming burned-out with the oversaturation of Girls vs. Boys formats.

Unlike other styles, these memes are interesting because they’re inherently gendered, as the content itself is only relatable when a user can conceptualize the experience — even though they’re overexaggerated. An important piece of information to consider for the attachment to the style comes in its usage on sites like Reddit, which has experienced a slow demographic change as Zoomers continue to join the platform. A theory suggests that Gen Z has latched onto this style as they can relate more to the meme’s references, but also its gendered dichotomy — a concept Zoomers have personally witnessed being challenged.

Boys vs. Girls memes can trace their underlying concept back to the traditional notions of Western gender roles. But online, it has only shaped itself as a meme just recently. The progenitor of this style can be linked to Barstool Sports’ Saturdays Are For The Boys, where Barstool writer Feitelberg tweeted out the now-iconic phrase in June 2016.

Earlier that same year (although with less prominence) a Facebook group was made, called Cracking Open a Cold One With the Boys,

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