Birmingham, AL based , Hard Rock / Metal band BrokenRail has released the official music music video for their new single, “DEMON IN DISGUISE. “Directed by Alan Collins, “DEMON IN DISGUISE” off of the band’s newly released album with Cleopatra Records, BEAUTIFUL CHAOS, which was produced, mixed, engineered, and recorded by Joseph McQueen at Sparrow Sound in Los Angeles, CA.

“We wanted to go in a different direction for the video for ‘Demon in Disguise.’ We chose an abstract theme for such a lyrically ambiguous song. Demon is a deep dive into the splinters of darkness that we allow to imprison us, enlighten us, or liberate us. Whether it’s addiction, depression, toxic relationships, etc, sometimes we give in to the temptation of the easiest route in exchange for our own salvation. We enter into these scenarios thinking we can control them, but as is often the case we overstep our boundaries or abilities and fall into this ever revolving trap we just cannot escape from. At the time, the allure seems to be somehow worth the risk, but sometimes you find yourself in a directionless void. We’re so excited to present to you our 2nd release off of our label debut album, ‘Demon in Disguise’!” – Blake Clawson / Vocalist

“After a year-long journey navigating the uncharted waters as musicians, we left LA on top of the world in January only to fall like everyone else into the uncertainty and grinding halt of being thrust into a global pandemic. After sacrificing so much to pull this album off by walking away from day jobs, missing important events, living off savings, and time away from our families, this was to be our busiest year with so much on the horizon and then the world felt like it ended for us. 2020 has now become a story of adapting and learning to survive through the harshest of environments, to fight when it feels there’s little strength left and yet somehow move forward. This album encaptures this spirit at every turn….

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