It may only be October, but it’s already on the minds of nearly everyone: What do I buy them for Christmas? Where’s the best place to buy it? Customers and businesses are already prepping for the 2019 holidays, but a level of uncertainty has clouded the thoughts of many shoppers.

The trade war with China has left many consumers concerned about rising prices. Economic forecasters keep predicting a possible slowdown. Chains that thrived for decades are closing doors forever.

Retailers around the country could be affected by this uncertainty, and the fear of failing business will be on the minds of everyone this holiday season. If customers are a little more hesitant to spend their dollars, how can you make sure the ones they do spend are with you?

Biggest Sales Days of the Year

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already aware of the situation. In 2018, retail sales saw growth, but not nearly as much as predicted. And the forecast for local retailers is even more uncertain this year because so many people have switched to online shopping.

Over the last decade, Black Friday has spread from a single day to almost an entire week. Businesses begin their sales on Monday, extending them until the end of Friday or even through the weekend. As an alternative, some businesses have chosen to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving and instead moved their discounts to the online markets.

Big names in online retail, home improvement, and technology continue to dominate sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and smaller competitors are struggling to keep up. For consumers to choose you, your business needs an edge that will allow you to effectively attract customers; a tool you can use to draw people online and in person. BBB Accreditation expands your online presence, inspires trust and makes consumers feel good about spending their dollars with you.

Survive the Retail Apocalypse

Likely your business is feeling the strain. Many businesses aren’t going to make it to the holidays and have announced they are shutting multiple locations. News agencies report over 8,600 stores are expected to have shut down by the end of 2019, including major footwear retailers, children’s clothing stores, as well as discount and apparel stores.

Holiday sales can make or break your business’ chance of survival into the new year. Preparation is key, and there’s more to it than just decorating the store and ordering seasonal merchandise.

Better Business Bureau accreditation validates your business’ reputation and serves as a tool to bring new customers to your business. It only takes a few minutes to request a free consultation and get your application started.

Consumers Trust in the Seal

Customers expect the Better Business Bureau to point them only to the most reputable businesses. They know that a BBB accredited business is not only trustworthy but well-regarded in the business world.

BBB rates each business on a scale of A+ to F based on 13 factors such as time in business, complaints received transparent business practices and government actions. BBB Accredited Businesses are required to maintain a rating of B or higher. As a result, your customers gain a sense of security knowing they don’t have to worry about where they are spending their hard-earned dollars.

How You Can Benefit

Being an accredited business increase your reputation, overall customer interactions, and the general publicity your business receives. Accreditation comes with a treasure trove of new tools you can use to grow your business. That includes a review page, your BBB profile, the BBB dynamic seal and more.

  • Reviews – Customers trust BBB reviews, because we’ve been a reliable resource for more than 100 years. Unlike many other resources, we don’t allow anonymous or third-party reviews. We have safeguards in place to limit and/or discourage misuse, so your customers know what people say about your business is credible.
  • Your business profile – In addition to a review page, accredited businesses also receive a business profile. This profile contains a map with your business’ address, location, and contact information so customers can go straight to you. Also, on your business profile, there is an option to contact you directly. This feature makes it easier for customers to interact with you, increasing the chances that they will reach out.
  • The symbol of trust – The BBB Torch Seal inspires confidence. When customers see this on your website or store window, they know they can trust you.

Confidence and Trust

There are no downsides to becoming a BBB accredited business. Each of the tools available to you makes it easier for customers to interact with your business, leading to higher sales, more visitors to your website and more traffic in your store. You can get ahead of the game by taking the steps to become an accredited business before the holiday season hits.

Uncertain customers want to know they’re spending their money with vendors they can trust. When you become a Better Business Bureau Accredited business, customers are confident in choosing your products and services.


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