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Commercial / Business Finance Consulting Will Be America’s Next Big-Business-Wave This big-wave will be similar to how the number of mortgage loan officers dramatically increased during the 90s when interest rates on home loans began to slowly fall lower and lower, and homeowners wanted to REFI (over-and-over-again) to reduce their high mortgages rates down from 8% – 14% to 3% or less.  Nationwide, over the past 40 years, U.S. Real Estate values has been cyclical in nature with multiple bubbles and collapses. Now that residential mortgage rates are so low, the current demand for REFI mortgages is extremely low, leaving only new purchase home lending.  Thus, the number of residential loan officers has dramatically dropped by 80% of what it was during the REFI Hay Days.Today, The Emphasis Is On Business Lending & Commercial Real Estate (CRE)Can you imagine how it would be, if you were there helping them to get it?  And, in the process, earning thousands of dollars in commission (per transaction).  What could be nicer? And, all made possible simply by you helping American business owners get what they desperately need to recover and go on.Even with 5000 new Commercial Finance Consultants coming on, it won’t be enough for what is actually needed. It will definitely require more to fully satisfy America’s overwhelming demand for business capital. It is estimated that this new “commercial financing boom” is likely to last as long as 12 to 15 years.

As of the time this book was written, only a small number of states required licensing to originate commercial mortgage real estate loans. These points and much more are covered in great detail in this training program. All your questions will be answered (and then some) with this dynamic training.  Now, if you are anything like I was when I first heard about working in the lucrative commercial financing business, you are probably really excited right now – thinking about this terrific opportunity, and ready to start making money right away, aren’t you?  You probably cannot wait to hear all about how you too can join the ranks of professional Commercial Finance Consultants and start earning incredible amounts of money, right?  I know exactly how you feel. I was so excited that I could not sleep because I kept thinking about how amazing it would be for me to work with all these successful business owners on their Mega-Dollar Deals. So, just hold-on because you’re about to get your chance, too.

Now, after serving as the Managing Director of ICON Commercial Lending Inc for more than a decade and having hired & managed hundreds of people in the financial services industry during my career, I am putting my vast experience and business savvy to work in writing this all-inclusive training book so that I might pass on my financing and operational expertise to people interested in becoming 21st Century Commercial Finance Consultants. As ICON’s Managing Director, I work closely with ICON’s capital partners to structure each project’s financing facility and oversee ICON’s fund control and quality control processes. As Sr. Underwriter, I analyze every client’s business & personal financial statements and perform commercial real estate property valuations, including Cap Rates and discounted cash flow analysis, to determine the viability of each commercial financing request. After having developed over a hundred separate business consulting training modules and various forms relating to operational management processes, finance, business management, sales training, employee management and business consulting, I’m about to give you the “KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS” for working in the commercial financing business.  Therefore, based upon my education and many years’ of on-the-job training, I have vast experience and expertise in commercial / business financing from which to draw upon in developing this training program, which clearly qualifies me to write this masterful book. This program will provide you all the knowledge, processes, working-tools and business contacts necessary to successfully establish and effectively operate your own commercial finance consulting company – Following This Training Almost Guarantees Your Success! When you’ve completed (and mastered) this training program you’ll be armed with the necessary knowledge and equipped with the tools required to begin a career in the lucrative and prestigious professional business world of commercial financing.

By now, you must be wondering just how we have managed to make ourselves — and so many others — such tidy sums of money, so easily.   The answer may surprise you… Yes of course. as a basis, we have developed a step-by-step, all-inclusive turn-key way to consistently make from an incredable income as a Commercial Finance Consultant. With this training program, you will learn what it takes to be a Financing Professional, and you will learn exactly what it is to be a successful  “Commercial Financier”. You will be utilizing our proven Step-By-Step SUCCESS BLUEPRINT, teaching you everything necessary to be successful, including several Action Checklists, Scripts, TIPs, Working-Tools and Business Agreements especially developed for you to quickly start making money. With this course, you will receive all the SCRIPTS and WORKSHEETS needed to immediately start contacting businesses. Everything developed from my many years of experience in financing. Today, after more than 30-years of business experience and having personally developed and structured hundreds of commercial transactions during my career, I am putting my vast experience and business savvy to work in developing this career-changing program; passing-on all of my financing and operational expertise to people interested in making big-money as a Commercial Finance Consultant.   So, if you’re tired of not being paid what your worth, and you want to change your life, it’s time for you to STEP-IT-UP A NOTCH and join the exciting and lucrative industry of commercial financing; experiencing all the excitement of working with major financial transactions.

Today, it’s commonly known that the commercial finance industry is extremely lucrative and prestigious. Therefore, people from all walks of life are very interested in exploring the possibilities of working in this exciting business on either a full-time or part-time basis. Specifically, people who are already working in other areas of business, such as residential mortgage loan officers, real estate agents, title company employees, insurance agents, contractors, and the leading  salespeople in various business fields who’ve heard about the large commissions earned by commercial financing consultants and the tremendous flexibility they have working in this industry are most interested in learning how they too can participate in the lucrative commercial financing business.  With that said, I must tell you that if you don’t have any prior business experience whatsoever, since we’re talking about commercial real estate and business financing, to function effectively as a Commercial Finance Consultant you should at least have 1) a basic knowledge of how a business operates2) a good understanding of general accounting principles 3) a good understanding of math and figuring numbers. You’ll need to learn how-to understand and evaluate business and personal financial statements for you to calculate DSCR & LTV ratios, Cash Flow, and Cap Rates. Making these calculations are some of the basic functions you will need to do with most loan requests. Do not worry! We will be covering (learning in great detail) how-to calculate these important ratios as well as understanding how to accurately discern financial statements. Once you are finished this training program, you will fully understand these vital concepts, and will have mastered them, so you’ll be very well-prepared to work your new craft.  Hence, this eBook was primarily written for individuals who are new to the commercial finance consulting arena and want to receive the essential training, working tools and resources to effectively work either full-time or part-time in this industry, and those American entrepreneurs who want to establish their own commercial finance consulting company.

Here is an Overview of this Powerful Training Program – Broken-Out by Sections, Chapter and Title Headings:     Course Outline FLOW-CHART –    81 Separate Chapters; Covering ALL Pertinent Learning Points and Discussion Topics   Section 1                          Understanding the Basics of Commercial Financing                 (9 Chapters)   Section 2                          Types of Commercial & Business Financing                            (14 Chapters)   Section 3                          Working the Business – Part 1                                                     (3 Chapters)   Section  4                         The Don’ts of Commercial Financing                                          (7 Chapters)   Section  5                         The Do’s of Commercial Financing                                             (6 Chapters)   Section 6                          Setting-Up Your New Business                                                   (3 Chapters)   Section 7                          Creating a Professional Business Image                                   (9 Chapters)   Section 8                          Working the Business – Part 2                                                 (14 Chapters)   Section 9                          Working the Business – Part 3                                                 (16 Chapters)   MASTERING The Step-By-Step Process – Training Review Checklist90-Day Action Plan (Personalized Activity Success Checklist) 

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Click here to get Business Training: Commercial / Business Finance Consulting, loan broker training, at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

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