Lost in the heart of the summer let’s take a serious look at “Cam”, a model with a particular passion for David Lynch imagery and refined and special tattoos…

Hi Cameron, what memory did the shooting for Tattoo Life calendar leave with you?
Shooting with Christian Saint was such a wonderful experience! He is so professional, but at the same time very casual and he made me feel comfortable immediately. It was one of my all time favourite shoots for sure!

Tattoo model Cameron Rodgers photographed by Christian Saint in New York

On the August page you appear photographed in profile while you are also tattooed on the front of your body…
I think the shot used for the calendar is perfect! (smiles) I have so many photos showing my tattoos from the front, so it was nice to show off the work on my side.

What does “tattoo art” mean for you?
To me, “tattoo art” means that someone uses tattoos as a way to feel comfortable in their own skin, which is what we all want.

Tattoo art means personalization and expression of one’s self.

Let’s talk about your tattoos: do you think it’s possible to describe the dominant style of your pieces?
I don’t have one specific style for my tattoos, other than it’s all just stuff I like. My aesthetic is pretty eclectic and all over the place, and my tattoos represent that pretty well I suppose.

Cameron Rodgers by by Frannie and Foe Photography

Who is that blue character in yellow boxers tattooed on your right thigh?
The tattoo on my right thigh is from the 1977 animated movie of “The Hobbit”. It’s the Great Goblin with Thorin’s head in his mouth. And it’s one of my favourite movies.

I really like those sensual smiling lips that you flaunt on your right hand…
Yeah, they are the lips taken from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” main titles!

Is it a “Twin Peaks” quote that tattoo you have on your left side? I’m talking about that fish that is coming out of the coffee pot with a piece of cherry tart…

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