The CU Boulder Scholarship Application is available in the student portal beginning Nov. 1, officially kicking off the 2020–21 scholarship season. The Office of Financial Aid explains what you need to know to better your chances of winning a scholarship.

When is the CU Boulder Scholarship Application due?

The general application is due March 13, but some individual scholarship opportunities have deadlines as early as Feb. 15. We strongly encourage you to submit your application early so you don’t miss out. You’ll still have access to edit your application after each deadline; however, changes won’t be reviewed unless you’re applying for another scholarship with a later deadline.

What is the general application, and how is it different from the other scholarship opportunities available in the application?

You will be prompted to complete the general application when you first access the CU Boulder Scholarship Application. This application is used for multiple scholarships and requires information about extracurricular activities, community service, work and an essay.

After you submit the general application, additional recommended scholarship opportunities may then display. These opportunities might be specific to your college or major and require a special essay or reference letters. If you wait until March 13 to submit your general application, you could miss out. Be sure to submit early! You can revisit and edit your submitted general application up until the deadline.

I’ve been told I should complete the FAFSA as soon possible. Why does that matter when applying for scholarships?

Any scholarship that has financial need as criteria for eligibility also requires completion of the 2020–21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the scholarship deadline. Since some scholarships are due as early as Feb. 15, we highly recommend completing the FAFSA before then.

Are scholarships from CU Boulder schools, colleges and campus programs included in the application?

While there are many scholarships in the application, some colleges, schools and programs have their own scholarship programs, too. You should check with your department for scholarship opportunities specific to your program. You can also review our list of school and college scholarships.

Can I use the same essays several times, each for different scholarships, even if they’re all in the CU Boulder Scholarship Application?

You don’t have to start over each time, but make sure you read what each scholarship application wants from you and adapt your writing to fit that. You can also check out our scholarship tips page for resources on application and essay writing.

What should I do if it’s past the deadline? Is there anywhere else I should look to apply for scholarships?

You should search and apply for scholarships like it’s your job. Google it! Search! Keep searching! The more you apply, the more chances you have at winning a scholarship. There are always opportunities out there to apply for scholarships, and each dollar counts. You can start with the resources listed on our private scholarships page.

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