Las Vegas is about 30 days into Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shutdown of nonessential businesses and some higher-ups are looking into ways to safely reopen their businesses when the time is right.

According to Bloomberg, executives from competing casino companies have been discussing possible safety measures that would allow their gambling operations to resume as quickly as possible.

The moves being talked about are similar to the measures taken in Macau, which had its casinos closed for 15 days in February and have since reopened with new rules in place.

Some of the ideas being tossed around include allowing off-strip casinos that serve mostly locals the ability to open first. This way, the local Las Vegas economy is revived before allowing tourists back on the Strip. Forcing casino employees to wear masks and gloves while working was another idea likely to come to fruition.

Other measures include opening facilities near casinos that would allow both employees and guests to receive rapid testing for coronavirus, opening hotels with just a third of the total rooms available, limiting the number of entrances to the casino, and forcing gamblers to sit one chair apart at the tables.

Companies are also discussing “enhanced cleaning techniques,” which was something also requested by union leaders.

While Nevada hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as other states have been from the pandemic, Sisolak gave the impression that he wasn’t going to be loosening restrictions on the economy any time soon.

“This is not going to be a political decision for me, as for when to open,” said Sisolak. “I don’t have an exact number. I’ll take a lot of advice from our medical folks and determine what’s in the best interest of keeping all Nevadans safe.”




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