In a world of cat-themed everything, you can truly find any product you want emblazoned with or shaped like a feline! Even everyday items you’d never expect because creativity is a wild thing, capable of producing the cutest and funniest of ideas.

Like crocheted cat butt coasters…

Yep, you read that right. And these cat butt coasters are as silly and cute as they sound.


Interested buyers can find a host of sellers on Etsy offering the hand-crafted coasters for sale.

About her cat-inspired coasters, Ashley, proprietor and sole-crafter of Dexterously Made, shared, “This collection is inspired by my kitty friend Smush.”

Another cat butt coaster crafter, Heather of Cute Creature Designs, said, “These cat butt coasters are guaranteed to bring a smile to anybody’s face, making them a purr-fect gift for any cat lover in your life!”


Heather also shared the link for a free cat or dog butt coaster pattern!

And while these coasters protect your furniture from moisture, we’ve still discovered no effective way to protect our houses from our cats.

Cat parents know the truth, cats are destructive and nothing in the house is safe. So, if you do buy some crotchet coasters, be sure to keep them out of curious paws!

Check our these naughty cats not protecting furniture, but rather destroying it or anything near it!

Sadly, a cute coaster wouldn’t have saved this faux succulent…


AbbeyLuna’s mom knows the grey kitty’s love of sleeping up high and smartly glued down everything. Well, almost everything! The one thing not glued in place is about to go down…have a look at these cat creamers seconds before one bit the dust…


And houseplants are just cat fodder to some felines. Either that, or this plant just sprouted a destruction bloom in the shape of a house panther!

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