Sluka Releases “Tonight You Belong To Me” –

Gifted alt-rock outfit Sluka, recently named Best Local Band in the San Diego Reader’s Best Of 2020 Poll, returns with the music video for “Tonight You Belong To Me,” a song written by Billy Rose and Lee David in 1926.Fronted [...]

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Prospertine Releases Mesmerizing “Home” –

Darkwave industrial dance-pop duo Prospertine just released their debut single, “Home,” via Ghostcat Media International.Jeremy BastardMade up of Arden Leigh (vocals) and Jeremy Bastard (guitar, production), the two met in NYC, where Arden danced in the same clubs Jeremy was [...]

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jefff Releases Reggae-Flavored “The Fire” –

Key West, Florida-based singer-songwriter jefff recently released a brand-new single/music video, “The Fire,” a track lifted from his forthcoming album, My Last CD, slated to drop later this year via Conch Town Music.My Last CD merges tropical savors with tasty [...]

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Interview: Yellow Claw’s Nils Chats About Ink, “Bassgod,” an…

Amsterdam-based DJs and production duo Yellow Claw recently released “Bassgod” via Barong Family. “Bassgood” features the talents of Ramengvrl, Sihk, and Juyen Sebulba.Made up of Jim, aka Jim Taihuttu, and Nils, aka Nils Rondhuis, Yellow Claw burst onto the scene [...]

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Rebel ACA, French Monkey Wrench, Danny Sprang & iSTAND Team …

London-based hip hop/reggae/indie artists Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench hooked up with iSTAND and Danny Sprang on the recently released “Dance Without Fear.”After working with Spragga Benz on Chilagon, Rebel ACA ran into iSTAND, a close friend of Benz. [...]

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Optacure Releases Ethereal “Mingaw,” ft. Debb –

Queensland-based indie singer-songwriter Optacure, aka Edmund Gemelo, recently released “Mingaw,” featuring Debb.A song about seclusion, “Mingaw” mirrors two perspectives: 1) the lonely, and 2) the one caring for the lonely. The track’s birth spanned the globe: Optacure produced and recorded [...]

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The Autos Release Excellent “Trespass” Ft. Elliot Martin – T…

Denver, Colorado-based alt-rock/reggae outfit The Autos recently dropped their debut single, “Trespass,” featuring Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body.“Trespass” will be followed by “Boom Shakalak” in February, featuring Easy Star All Stars’ Ruff Scott.Made up of Ian Gastl, former frontman [...]

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Cheyenne: Quality, Innovation and User Focus | Tattoo Life

Whoever tattoos and gets a tattoo cannot get past Cheyenne. Within a few years, the German brand Cheyenne advanced to the market leader for professional tattoo equipment. This was achieved by concentrating on three simple but essential goals: quality, innovation [...]

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Somerville Dazzles on “Eruption” & “You Really Got Me” – Tat…

Philadelphia-based hard rock outfit Somerville releases their compilation track/video for “Eruption” and “You Really Got Me,” covers of the iconic songs by Van Halen and The Kinks.Speaking to the compilation, Somerville shares, “Our cover of ‘Eruption/You Really Got Me’ was [...]

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Rocky Mattioli e la nobile arte dell’inchiostro | Tattoo Lif…

Intervista “tattoo friendly” allo storico pugile italo-australiano, campione del mondo WBC nel 1977. Da Morwell a Milano sempre nel nome della fatica e della passione Allora Rocky, parliamo per sommi capi della tua carriera sportiva. Tu diventi professionista in Australia [...]

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Interview: Sammy Johnson Takes It ‘Cool & Easy’ –

R&B infused with lush island reggae defines Sammy Johnson’s just-released new album, Cool & Easy, via Mensch House Records.Even though we’re hardly into 2021, without a doubt Cool & Easy is one of the year’s best albums, mirroring the silky [...]

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Yokai Tattoos from the Japanese Mythology | Tattoo Life

Yōkai is a Japanese word that can be translated with “apparitions”, “ghosts”, or “demons”: this term usually refers to supernatural creatures from the Japanese mythology. The legends refer to different kinds of yōkai, generally evil and spiteful: among these, for [...]

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Nonviolenze Reflects on Cosmic Balance – “Mirror” – Tattoo.c…

Houston-based singer-songwriter Nonviolenze, aka Shri Baratan, unveils the music video for “Mirror,” a song from his recently released debut album, Ghosts of War.Nonviolenze explains, “The Cosmos is a Mirror that reflects the body (gross matter), mind (thought vibrations), and feelings [...]

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Madonna Tattoos and The Immaculate Collection turns 30 | Tat…

The anniversary of the Best Of Ms Ciccone, the album with the controversial “Justify My Love”, offers us a chance to show you more tattoos dedicated to the Diva. Provocatively entitled The Immaculate Collection (with “Collection” obviously standing for “Conception”), [...]

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Frankie Sunswept Releases Swanky ‘Turning’ –

New York-based alternative artist Frankie Sunswept released his debut album, Turning, just a few days ago via Romanus Records, which will release the 12” vinyl version at the end of January.Frankie SunsweptOriginally from SoCal, Frankie headed East in 2005, landing [...]

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Kellie Nowell & Paul Milbury Talk About ‘The House That Brad…

In 1996, Bradley James Nowell, frontman and guitarist of ska punk band Sublime tragically died from a heroin overdose.Bradley’s family established the Nowell Family Foundation to increase awareness and raise funds for Bradley’s House, a free opioid rehabilitation center for [...]

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Supernatural Japanese Tattoos by Arran Burton | Tattoo Life

Fourteen years of career in the world of tattooing, an “obsession” with Japanese style (and Yōkai in particular), but also a huge passion for drawing and painting: here is Arran Burton, who spoke with us about his eBook for Tattoo [...]

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The Straddlerz Set to Drop Self-Titled Debut Album – Tattoo….

Based in Carpi, Modena, Italy, hard rock/metal outfit The Straddlerz will release their debut self-titled album on January 29. Produced and mixed by Lase Salgado and mastered by Steve Corrao, the album sizzles with dirty, hard rock dynamics.Made up of [...]

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Ryan Summers Releases ‘Undo Influence’ –

Wisconsin-based electronic rock artist and producer Ryan Summers recently released his latest offering – the 11-track album entitled Undo Influence, delving into Ryan’s personal experiences with cults.Ryan explains, “My experiences deprogramming from an internet cult about a decade ago is [...]

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Vajra Releases Superb ‘Irkalla’ EP –

Alt-metal outfit Vajra released their darkly hypnotic EP, Irkalla, on January 15.According to the band, Irkalla is part one of a trilogy of albums probing the philosophical, esoteric concept of consciousness. The title – Irkalla – is a Sumerian term [...]

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Andrea and her Traditional Tattoos | Tattoo Life

A great passion for the most authentic Traditional and a collection of tattoos inspired by Sailor Jerry’s flashes: she is Andrea – model, entrepreneur, content creator and co-founder of the Instagram @traditionalstattoos page. Andrea HidalgoHi Andrea, would you like to [...]

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Alex Gallo, “rinato” nel nome del Giapponese | Tattoo Life

Abbiamo dialogato col titolare del “Twilight Tattoo”, scoperto chi sono stati i suoi maestri e conosciuto i suoi stretti colleghi Theo, Geno, Ivan, Joe e… Terry! Alex Gallo, Twilight Tattoo, PaviaAlex, leggo nella bio del “Twilight Tattoo” di Pavia che [...]

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The amazing New Traditional of Kike Esteras | Tattoo Life

From the BlackShip Tatto Studio in Barcelona, ​​we’re glad to present the unmistakable New Traditional by Kike Esteras: graphic, solid and clean. Let’s meet him and find out his digital eBook, with lots of amazing flash in black: a source [...]

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The New Traditional Style of Kike Esteras | Tattoo Life

From the BlackShip Tatto Studio in Barcelona, ​​we’re glad to present the unmistakable New Traditional by Kike Esteras: graphic, solid and clean. Let’s meet him and find out his digital eBook, with lots of amazing flash in black: a source [...]

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History, Art and Tattoos according to Mariana | Tattoo Life

Directly from Mexico City we are glad to introduce you to Mariana (aka @mariscuis): a beautiful girl who is in love with art, folklore and history – she is a deep, “nostalgic person”, and a natural seeker. Among the many [...]

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Eric Anders & Mark O’Bitz – “Careful Now My Son” –…

Americana/indie-folk artists Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz recently released their new single, “Careful Now My Son,” the first song lifted from their forthcoming collection of songs, entitled Music in the Time of Coronavirus.Encompassing 14-tracks, the songs will embrace three releases: [...]

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Astralsheid Releases Primordial ‘Shamanic Love’ –

Norwegian psybient/electronic/trance duo Atralsheid dropped Shamanic Love just prior to the end of the year.Made up of Gustave Holberg (vocals, synth, drums, mouth-harp) and Rúnahild (vocals, synth), Astralsheid’s sound displays simultaneous elements of primal energy and numinous exsufflations, resulting in [...]

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Anni Pohto Mesmerizes on “Deep” –

Helsinki-based pop singer-songwriter Anni Pohto recently released “Deep,” the first single/music video lifted from her forthcoming concept album, The Rising, slated for release near the end of Summer 2021.Explaining, Anni shares, “’DEEP’ is the first song on my upcoming album [...]

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Luca Franchini, il Godzilla dalla pelle d’inchiostro | Tatto…

Intervista alla storica voce italiana della WWE/World Wrestling Entertainment. Solo che qui, invece che di mosse letali, ci ha parlato dei segreti dei suoi tattoo Ciao Luca, partiamo da un certo anniversario. Con il fedele Michele Posa, nel 2020, hai [...]

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Countless Thousands Release Adrenaline-Charged “Lazar Wolf” …

Based in Glendale, California, theater-punk outfit Countless Thousands recently unveiled the single/music video for “Lazar Wolf,” a track lifted from their forthcoming rock opera album, And The Triumph of Justice, slated for release in January.According to Countless Thousands, “Lazar Wolf” [...]

2021-01-06T18:43:25+00:00January 6, 2021|Tattoo|

Pale Lady Releases Energizing “Lost and Found” –

Wellington, New Zealand-based alternative pop-rock outfit Pale Lady released their new single/music video, “Lost and Found,” on New Year’s Day.Made up of Conall D. Ryan (vocals, bass, guitar), Sam Higham (drums, keys, backing vocals), Jack Shalders Taylor (guitar, bass, cowbell), [...]

2021-01-06T17:00:54+00:00January 6, 2021|Tattoo|
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