After a brief period of cautious optimism, one wherein Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, steadily consolidated under the $10k mark, it would seem that the market is once again bleeding chips. At the time of writing, BTC was trading at a price lower than $9k, a fall that had a profound effect on the price performance of many altcoins in the market, including Chainlink, Monero, and Brave’s BAT.

Chainlink [LINK]

Source: LINK/USD on TradingView

Chainlink, the 12th largest crypto-asset on CoinMarketCap, has been one of the market’s fastest-growing cryptos over the past 10 months. However, while for some time it did seem that LINK was on its way up after regaining its gains after Black Thursday, it would seem that LINK, at the time of writing, is stuck in a sideways rut, a pattern punctuated by short spurts of gains and losses. The losses incurred by LINK over the last 24-hours were comparatively significant as the crypto lost almost 6% of its value.

The steep nature of the immediate fall on LINK’s charts was highlighted by its technical indicators. While the Parabolic SAR’s dotted markers were well above the price candles, the Chaikin Money Flow recorded a sharp fall on the charts, with the indicator heading towards zero.

However, Chainlink continues to make news on the development front, with the latest news being its collaboration with Kadena to create the world’s first hybrid public/private blockchain oracle integration.

Monero [XMR]

Source: XMR/USD on TradingView

Monero, the crypto-market’s most prominent privacy coin, has been in the news a lot lately, and not always for good reasons. Not only are Monero and other privacy coins in the danger of being delisted from many exchanges with the upcoming FATF Travel Rule review in June, but reports also suggest that the crypto is being mined illegally by crypto-jackers on European supercomputers.

On the price front, Monero shared the price fall registered by many of the…

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