Fulfilling a long-awaited dream of tattooists, Cheyenne launched its wireless tattoo machine, the SOL Nova Unlimited in March 2020. The machine was first presented at Cheyenne’s Factory Day, in August 2019, by Product Manager Dr. Richard Weiss, with whom we discussed the development, features, and future of the SOL Nova Unlimited.

What challenges did you face in developing a wireless tattoo machine?
First of all, we had to think about what the power supply would look like. While third-party battery packs that you can put on tattoo machines have been around for quite some time now, we think that this solution is ergonomically rather unsatisfactory. So, first there were concepts how best to integrate the battery without hindering the artist. It was clear that our first battery machine would be pen-shaped and the SOL Nova, which is very popular with tattoo artists, was the basis. In the next step we had to integrate the whole inner workings of a control unit, with all its functions, into the tattoo machine and make it operable at the tattoo machine, which we managed quite well.

SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5 SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5 SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5

Let’s first come to the operating concept, which is really revolutionary different and simple. The entire machine is operated with just one button. How does this work and how did it come about?
Our goal is to make life easy for tattoo artists. A machine with lots of buttons and words doesn’t fit in there. So, the ideal thing is the operation by exactly one button, which the tattoo artist finds without having to turn his eyes from his work to the machine. With this one button, the machine not only has to be switched on and off and the stitch frequency changed. It was clear that our first battery machine also has to be able to switch between Steady and Responsive Mode, just like SOL Luna and SOL Terra. To achieve this, our research and development team worked together to make it happen. When the machine is turned…

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