Whoever tattoos and gets a tattoo cannot get past Cheyenne. Within a few years, the German brand Cheyenne advanced to the market leader for professional tattoo equipment. This was achieved by concentrating on three simple but essential goals: quality, innovation and user focus.

Cheyenne did not originally come out of the tattoo world, which is criticized by some traditionalists. MT.DERM GmbH based in Berlin is the company behind the Cheyenne brand and has been active in the fields of medical technology and cosmetics for over 20 years now. Shortly after the turn of the millennium the idea came up to use the know-how for innovative permanent make-up equipment to make the life of tattoo artists easier, safer and more comfortable.

In 2006, Cheyenne introduced the CONDOR, the first mass-produced tattoo machine whose drive concept is not based on coils but on an electric motor. Some early adaptors immediately knew where the journey was headed. With the needle cartridge system invented by Cheyenne, it was now possible to change needles in just a few seconds. You only needed one machine for your work and not a separate one for each needle configuration as before. In addition, a completely new level of hygiene and safety was achieved with these innovative needle cartridges.

Cheyenne Condor

With Cheyenne’s invention of the cartridge system, the needles are pushed out of the cartridge housing by the machine’s push bar and the safety membrane, a mechanism created and patented by Cheyenne, to retract the needle back into the cartridge. This biocompatible silicone membrane not only pulls the needles back into the cartridge, its critical function is sealing. Cheyenne’s safety membrane prevents pigment, blood and other body fluids from entering the grips as well as the machines and minimizes cross-contamination. This system is copied by almost all cartridge manufacturers today because Cheyenne’s invention is the best choice for safe tattooing.

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