The City of Boulder’s Climate Initiatives Department invites community members to a public visioning event Wednesday, Nov. 13, to learn about developing a circular economy in Boulder and co-create a vision for the city.

This event will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Open Space and Mountain Parks Hub Community Room at 2520 55th Street.

The city has been working with sustainability consultant Metabolic, LLC. to develop a holistic picture of material waste streams in Boulder. This study has helped the city more deeply understand the current material flows, identify opportunities for creating less waste, and find more ways to close the recycling loop locally.

During the event, staff and partners will present the results so far, introduce examples of exciting initiatives taking place around the world, and then work with attendees to co-create a vision for how innovative, more circular, less wasteful economic systems can work for Boulder.

Guest are encouraged, but not required, to register for the event at

This event is part of the overall engagement efforts during development of the Climate Mobilization Action Plan, or CMAP. The city is committed to co-developing a new climate action plan with the community that addresses the climate emergency through systemic change. 

America Recycles Week

This event takes place during America Recycles Week, Nov. 11 to 15. Boulder’s waste diversion rate of 57% is significantly higher than the national average of 35%, thanks to the city’s longstanding leadership in community recycling and composting. Even as the city recognizes the importance of continuing its robust recycling programs, we are looking at ways to change our systems of production to create less waste from the start.

Published: Oct. 30, 2019

Media Contacts:

Shelby Condit, Communications: 303-441-3434
Kara Mertz, Climate Initiatives: 303-441-3153


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