The following is a news release from the City of Idaho Falls:

IDAHO FALLS — The City of Idaho Falls has published a webpage resource to answer frequently asked questions following this week’s severe thunderstorm and flash flooding.

While some people have already begun cleaning up, the webpage “What do I do after my house has flooded?” provides general guidance on what steps to take next.

Those experiencing flooding are first encouraged to contact their landlord or insurance company for assistance. People may also wish to contact a local restoration company, which can be found through a quick internet search.

If a restoration company is unable to provide assistance, begin cleaning up as quickly as possible. Wet surfaces and materials can begin to mold quickly. For more detailed guidance on after-flood home clean-up, visit the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s website.

“If you’re not already busy cleaning up your own home, chances are, you’ll know somebody who needs your help,” said Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper. “One of the very best things about Idaho Falls is the way we know how to pull together and help one another. To those who are struggling right now, I call encouragement to you. And to everyone else, I ask those who can, help someone out.”

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