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Want To Make Line Marks Along Wooden Surfaces Fast And Efficiently? We’ve Got You Covered!
Looking for a reliable, easy to use and long-lasting wood scribe tool to save time and energy on your woodworking projects?
Introducing A High-End Woodworking Marker Kit, By Clarke Brothers!
No need to settle for cheaply-made wood marking scribers with unstable cutting wheels, flimsy cutting gauge sets that fall apart after a few uses or woodworking marking gauges with tiny, difficult to read marking numbers.
The Clarke Brothers Wood Marking Scribe Tool Set is here to help you lay clear lines on wood surfaces with max precision, cut wood with max accuracy and finish your work faster.
Why Choose Our Woodworking Scribe Tool Set? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!
✅ INVEST IN A HEAVY-DUTY WOOD SCRIBER: Unlike flimsy wood marking knife or dovetail marker products that break down easily, our sturdy brass, Stainless Steel and aluminum alloy marking tool guarantees heavy daily use and greater functionality for longer.
✅ DRAW LINES WITH CONFIDENCE: Stop agonizing to read too small or fade marking numbers on the graduated bar. The laser-engraved marks on our scribing tool bar will save you guesswork and will enhance accurate woodcutting.
✅ STOP TIRING YOUR HAND: Lightweight just 160gr, the Clarke Brothers woodworking measuring tools set makes use a breeze.
Need More Reasons?
✔ 8” Long Bar – Use As Depth Marking Gauge
✔ Great For Woodworking And Metalworking
✔ Tremendous Value Kit Including 2 Extra Wheel Cutters
What You Get:
1* Woodworking Wheel Marking Gauge.
2 * Replacement Blade Cutters
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✅ SAVE TIME ON YOUR WOODWORKING TASKS with a high-end wheel marking gauge, which will help you lay out lines parallel to a flat wood surface with max precision and indicate exactly where wood needs to be cut.
✅ MAKE LINE MARKS WITH PRECISION: The super clear, laser engraved graduation marks on the bar are available in both metric and imperial versions up to 6”/150mm, for convenience in your woodworking projects.
✅ INVEST IN A MONEY SAVER MARKING WHEEL KIT: The 2 extra hardened Steel wheel cutters included add great value to your order. Eliminate the chances of wavering lines and complete your tasks faster and easier.
✅ USE YOUR WOODWORKING SCRIBE FOR YEARS: The 8″ long graduated bar is made of solid brass, Stainless Steel and aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant. The non-marring brass face protects it from damage when not in use.
✅ ENJOY ONE-HANDED OPERATION: Fast and easy to use, this convenient marking gauge wheel will take all the fuss out of your woodworking cutting. Feeling perfectly balanced, our wood marking tool won’t strain your hand.